The Basics of Installing and Using Mods for Beginners – 2021 Guide


For a first-time user, installing and using mods can appear daunting. You might be surprised by what most PC gamers are still playing at this time. Most times, they enjoy playing old favorites just as much as they enjoy new releases. With the passage of time and the newer games available out there, you would think PC gamers will grow tired of the old games. Skyrim is the perfect example; released in 2011, this game still commands millions of players daily on notable gaming clients such as steam. The reason these old games continue to command attention is Modification ( often referred to as Mods) created by a dedicated community of players and developers. These Mods tweak a game in interesting ways.

Understanding Mods

A mod is usually the creation of players or lovers of the game. Sometimes, you may happen upon a mod created by a developer like Real Dudes Inc. But normally, just like the new Animal Crossing Spring update, most developers prefer to release official updates. You should also note that Mods are geared towards tweaking the gaming experience and not the content. A mod could be designed to change the gaming interface or the way the game is played. Some mods are built to effect simple changes such as the ability to play like the Monsters from Space Jam in NBA2K20. We have some mods designed to add new missions or more adventures, something akin to what you get with the great fan-built Grand Theft Auto 5 mod which created 70 extra missions. Some developers design mod menus which are built to aid the Mods. A good example is Impulse. Read more

Mods cannot be separated from the PC gaming community. Of course, all PC gamers don’t use Mods but a lot of them like to take a swing at what their peers have created to find something that improves their gaming experience. Some of the powerful mods out there become must-haves for anyone looking to take their gaming experience to another level. You will find some really popular mods out there including additions made to Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption 2, and some less powerful titles like the Roller Coaster Tycoon.

What is the Best Place to Install PC Mods?


When it comes to finding mods, there are several options but newbies to the scene are advised to follow the veterans closely. Some of the best spots to discover mods that get you well-acquainted with the experience include Steam Workshops and Nexus Mods. While Steam Workshops offer a simple user interface that newbies can easily understand, Nexus can be a little complicated. But what these big names do is ensure you don’t fall prey to files from some sketchy website uploaders.

This is how to Avoid Bad Mods or Mods that will Destroy your Game

We’ll discuss the variety of avenues you can follow to ensure you don’t download a mod that could be extremely bad for your game or computer. The first is to ensure you download your mods from trusted sites especially the ones listed above. Besides that, stick to very highly rated mods. A website like steam workshop has a space where users write a review for mods they have used, you can glean the most popular mods here. Nexus, which is a more complicated site offer “simple” and “complex” mods (we’ll discuss that below) that might do more harm than good to your PC. The best thing to do as an amateur in the field is to begin small and work your way to more complicated mods so you don’t ruin anything.

It is also worth mentioning that you should limit yourself to mods that fit the operating system and specifications of your PC. A mod designed for the PC version of Skyrim will not work if you decide to download it into your Mac copy and even worse, they might trip up your game files. You must not neglect the author’s notes on a mod, it will help you pick a suitable Mod at all times. Carefully create a backup of the original files before installing the mod and running the game, this will ensure that you retain the original game through the backup if the mod manages to break the game up.

Simple or Complex PC Mods


The process of implementing content will not be the same when you are using and installing PC mods. The processes are categorized into two namely simple and complex installation. You will only need very little effort when it comes to simple mods and you will even have a mod uploader client to make installation easier on notable titles like Minecraft. With Steam Workshop, you will be made aware very early of how much effort is required for the installation process. Some mods are installed easily with a simple download click but complex mods will take more than that.

With complex mods, you will have to go in and change text files within a game’s data. Sometimes, it goes as far as demanding that you reorganize code and folders within your game installation before the mod will function as designed. This is not impossible for newbies to handle, it is even easier when you read the author’s note. It is also helpful to check out some of the comments users have left for the mod creators, this will show you some of the major problems and their solutions as experienced by users.

Are Mods worth all the trouble?

With mods, you can go ahead to improve your gaming experience. Fallout 3 which is one of our favorite games of all time is a perfect example, whenever we feel a need to return to the game, we dig through mods just to find one that would make our experience new and improved. You will find visual mods to be very useful in changing your experience of games that have existed forever. If for instance, you have enjoyed Grand Theft Auto IV or The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, graphics mods can make them a lot less daunting in 2020.

There are mods out there excellent at improving content, they make the game much more enjoyable than they would have been otherwise. Some mods are so good they would cut out the build-up to becoming a Jedi, yes! You don’t have to waste your precious first 10n hours or thereabouts firing blasters, the mods allow you to use a lightsaber from the get-go. What’s more fun than that?

Excellent practice mods for some very popular games


The best way to get into using and installing mods is, to begin with, a notable game. You could begin with Minecraft, Fallout 3, or Skyrim if you own any of them. They are amongst the top games with a ton of mods available for each and they all have dedicated clients for installing mods. You can go through popular websites in search of mods and mod menus to elevate your gaming experience.