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Start from Zero and Build Financial Freedom Through Affiliate Marketing

How many times have you dreamed of being financially free? And I don’t mean having an extra couple of bucks or being your own boss, but actually making a good living from anywhere, at any time, every single day of your life. That’s the dream! But what if I told you that this fantasy is actually attainable?

Of course, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And that’s why many people are wary or hesitant to bet on themselves and try to get outside of the system. The comfort zone keeps us safe, but it also limits our potential.

That’s where affiliate marketing comes into the picture. Affiliate marketing allows content creators to get paid for advertising someone else’s products or services. Affiliates promote the said product or service and get a cut of every deal they close. Sounds pretty easy, am I right?

Well, it’s not, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or that you couldn’t get started right away. If you don’t take our word for it, just ask Jono Armstrong, guru of affiliate marketing and CEO of ‘Ministry of Freedom’.

Starting From The Bottom

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Like most of us, Jono Armstrong wasn’t born swimming in money. He grew up taking multiple low-end jobs just to get by, but he never wanted to take part in the ‘rat race’ that comes with barely making ends meet.

“I worked a ton of low-skilled jobs in my teenage years including, stacking shelves at a supermarket, cleaning toilets in a residential care home, working nights at a steel factory, and also being a builders laborer and backbreaking fruit picking during a gap year in Australia. These low-skilled jobs (bordering slave labor), only cemented the fact that I HAD to find a better alternative… The money was small but more importantly, I had 0-time freedom,” Armstrong said.

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Jono grew up looking to his father (a parish priest) and admiring the fact that he worked from home. The freedom it gave him – especially when compared to his friends’ fathers – and the perks that came from working from home got stuck on his head for years. But it took him a while before he could finally attain that.

After his gap year in Australia, Jono was forced to transition to Indonesia. He fell in love with the country and decided to make it his new home. And, albeit the money was tight, he was as happy as ever and met his first wife.

Jono was back on a dead-end job as an English teacher to provide for his newborn son. He also spent some of his free time on live music bars until he started his very own band as a bass player.

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Then, the 2004 Asian tsunami was a breaking point for him and his family. He left it all behind to help people build their homes and local fishermen repair their boats. Although due to a terrible situation, he experienced what it was like to be in charge of his time. His father’s church had raised around $50,000 for the survivors, but once the word on the money got out, he was threatened and forced to leave the country.

Fast-forward several years and his former band, which had signed a deal with a local record company, skyrocketed Jono’s popularity in Indonesia, up to the point where they offered him to be the host of one of the most popular music shows in the nation. But once again, things were far from easy, as he and his wife grew apart at the time and it all went south in the blink of an eye.

From death threats to forming a successful band and even becoming a TV anchor, Jono’s journey to the top was far from easy. He went from being a local celebrity in Indonesia to public enemy number 1 after he got divorced from his first wife.

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Jono was forced to start over once again and get back on his feet with no money at all. He struggled with addiction and anxiety until he met his second wife Cice. She helped him get his life together and re-start a failed e-commerce website he had developed before his rise to stardom.

There, Armstrong realized that affiliate marketing gave him the best of both worlds. He could have the financial stability he had been craving for a long time while also keeping his freedom and working from home. And that’s when it all changed.

The Ministry Of Freedom

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After noticing that digital products gave their affiliates a huge cut of the sales (usually starting at 50% commission per sale as opposed to 5% for physical goods), he took to YouTube to start making reviews and earn some ‘free money.’

“After months of trial and error, I discovered the power of YouTube. I discovered that I could harness the power of YouTube’s free traffic together with the high commission percentages from digital products to make FREE MONEY,” Jono says.

“The breakthrough came when I bought one of these digital products (it was a training course) and I immediately did a review of the course and put my affiliate link for the course into the description of my youtube video. I uploaded it to youtube and within 7 hours, I’d made $60… I couldn’t believe it. In less than 30mins “work”, I’d made back the cost of the course ($10) plus $50 profit… after a few days, the video had made over $200 in commissions,” he added.

Sharing The Wealth

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So, now that he’s built a sustainable business model, Jono Amstrong wants to scale his businesses by helping other people learn the perks and demands of affiliate marketing and get away from the rat race of a dead-end 9-5 job.

Affiliate marketing is a rising industry right now. In fact, projections estimate that companies from the U.S. spent $6.8 billion in affiliate marketing in 2020 alone, while over 80% of brands and publishers are relying on this to help their businesses grow.

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Now, the ‘Ministry of Freedom’, Jono’s signature coaching program, promises to provide its customers with every single ounce of knowledge he’s gotten throughout his ups and downs on this business.

“I’ve made over $5m and helped over 2500 students to quit their “rat race” jobs and secure their ultimate freedom through the system I have created,” Armstrong says about his program.

From a $5,000 payback guarantee for customers who fail to make at least $10,000 after the first 60 days of completing their program, Armstrong is fully confident in his program’s ability to lead its customers to the financial freedom he longed for throughout most of his life.