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6 Tips on How To Pack A Carry-on Backpack Like A Pro – 2021 Guide


We don’t know which things to carry or how much should be taken until we heard these sentences from own mouth likes

“It’s too heavy….”

“There’s no space for anything else….”

“It is not comfortable to carry!!”

If you have encountered such situations in your life, you have come to the right place. It’s a common mistake to pack things that we don’t need and leave something that we need the most. Well, if you are looking for travel packing hacks, this article is for you.

You will learn how to pack a carry-on bag comfortably. So, read further to know more.

Things to consider while picking a carry-on backpack

1. Bigger is not always preferred

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It is a misconception that more oversized backpacks are always better. You should think about your carrying capacity, what you are doing throughout the day, and many more things. What if you bring a more oversized bag and halfway through the journey, you realize it was a mistake to take this heavy bag.

And if you have a bigger bag, you may probably bring things that you don’t require in your journey. So, make sure to check the bag’s max size and estimate how much weight you can handle in your journey.

For instance, I have 40 liters carry-on bag, which works perfectly for me; it is neither too big nor too small for me. You can easily find a standard-sized carry-on bag from an online marketplace.

2. Don’t take too many clothes

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If you want to carry four pairs of clothes for two days journey, I think it is also more than you need. I suggest you take almost half of the clothes to the number of days you are staying out. It is because dresses require more space in the bag, and if you take any unnecessary clothes, there might be no space for the essential things.

And while we are mentioning clothes, I suggest you try all clothes that you will pack n your backpack. So that you don’t regret not bringing matching or your favorite pair of clothes, if you are going on an excursion or short trip, you can save a lot of space if you get one grey or black pair of pants because they match every color. So, you don’t have to bring many pants to match with other t-shirts.

3. Classis One to 6 Rule

If you are still dubious about clothes, this rule can be helpful. It is just a simple 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule that is described as follows.

  • One hat
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Three pairs of pants
  • Four different shirts
  • Five pairs of shocks
  • Six pairs of underwear

However, it is the classic rule, and I think these clothes are too much. So, revised this rule as 1-1-1-2-4-4-4 rule, which is.

  • One hat
  • One pair of shoes
  • One hoodie
  • Two pants
  • Four t-shirts
  • Four pairs of socks
  • Four pairs of underwear

That’s it!! Problem solved.

4. Army roll

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Do you want a travel packing hack!!! It is Army Roll. Yeah, I just revealed a million-dollar secret. You can easily find on YouTube about army roll, and you should not pack your clothes in conventional style. You should follow the army roll while packing them. It makes your clothes compact.

5. Guys, buy some compression bags

Who needs air in the bag? That’s why you should invest in some compression bags. These bags quickly compress your belongings, and you can pack them in a tiny space as well. You can find it on any online shopping website.

6. No Maps, no papers

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Go digital! You shouldn’t bring maps or books for traveling. You can easily pass the time on your mobile. Do you want to read a book while traveling? Can you save a pdf of that book on your mobile and read it or listen to it? You can more efficiently find the directions to destinations through your mobile phone.

Now I reveal my secret for packing a cay-on backpack.

How to pack a carry-on backpack

Using a carry-on backpack is always a computable option than carry a suitcase. I know the suitcase looks classy, but now you can find a stunning and stylish carry-on bag on any multivendor marketplaces.

This is a super easy guide for packing your carry-on bag.

Always go for comfort, not fashion

When you go traveling or outing, you should never select things based on fashion. It would help if you thought about whether they are comfortable and then take the most relaxing things.

A-B-C Rule

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Yeah, there’s one more classic rule for packing. And it doesn’t require any improvisation. It applies in all conditions. Here A stands for Accessibility, B stands for Balance, and C stands for Compression.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility states that you should carry all the things that you need at the airport in your backpack. This includes some travel documents, electronic devices like phones and power banks, and most important, earphones. You should not forget earphones.

I suggest you buy a good pair of Bluetooth earphones and earn an excellent travel experience. Shopsees has a magnificent collection of Bluetooth earphones from low to high price ranges.

  • Balance

It doesn’t make any difference when you see it, but you feel balanced packing and unbalanced if you carry your backpack. It is highly uncomfortable to carry an unbalanced bag. So, it would help if you always packed your gear such that it distributes weights over both your shoulders.

  • Compression

Don’t have enough space, we mentioned earlier, buy some compression bags. These bags will save a lot of space. Don’t hesitate to push hard.

7 Essential things to pack on a Carry-on backpack

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1. Collapsible water bottle

2. Daily medications

3. Phone charger/ Power bank

4. Documents for travel like passport

5. Earphones

6. A pair of clothes, underwear, and a couple of socks

7. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial wipes

According to your requirements, you can add other things, but these are must-have things in your carry-on backpack.

Now you are ready to go. You knew how to pack a traveling backpack efficiently. Also, knew seven essential things to have in your backpack. If you want to buy any of these things, you can find them on the online marketplace.