Backup Generators 2020: Your Friend at Home and Work

Weather can be unpredictable. You never know when a disaster might hit and the power goes out. It can be downright scary to be stuck in a dark place while mother nature howls outside. While it is difficult to prepare for unavoidable circumstances, you can always install a backup generator to mitigate a power outage.

A backup generator like this one can help you stay alert and keep your family safe. They can even keep your work running without a hitch. Many people argue that a generator is a waste of money, but it can make all the difference in the world. In coastal areas specifically, power outages are common during natural calamities, and it always helps to have an alternate source of electricity.

Combating Power Outages

Electricity is the life blood of any contemporary society. Imagining a single day without it seems incomprehensible. As such, power outages are a frightening occurrence. Natural disasters are not the sole reason for power cuts, either.

Your local neighborhood may be plunged into darkness for any number of reasons. A tree may fall on the electric lines, a transformer may blow up, or even the local power station can short out. Anything can happen at any time. Ask yourself honestly, how long can you go without the internet, watching TV, or simply running the air conditioner?

A power outage can feel like a haven for robbers and intruders alike. The last thing you need during a blackout is worrying about someone trespassing. If the culprit sees lights on at your home, they would think twice before intruding.

If you are at work and the power goes out, your job or business will not wait for electricians to restore the power. In this situation, you would probably want to resume your work as soon as possible. Time is money as they say. A standby generator will prove to be your best friend in a situation like this.

In times like these, a backup generator can save you by providing a steady supply of electricity. For more information on backup generators, visit

A Generator Can Help Reduce Your Home Insurance Rate

Having a residential backup generator installed can help reduce your home insurance rate. It is no surprise that having a powered home at all times can help reduce theft.

Additionally, a powered home can mitigate damages by always keeping the temperature regulated and the refrigerator running. Insurance companies are aware of these as well. If you have already purchased a policy and installed a generator later, try calling your insurance provider. They may be willing to lower your rates.

Portable Power for Your Recreation

Many of you out there are avid campers. Some of you also like to take the RV out for a cross-country trip. Maybe you like to throw a tailgate party outside the stadium after an exciting game. Out in the wild, there is no constant source of electricity. For outdoor activities like these, a portable generator can prove to be quite useful.

These generators are portable and can pack quite a punch. You can hook it up to a countertop cooker or an electric grill and whip up some delicious grub. Need to stay connected to your family and charge a cellphone? No problem! Just plug it into the generator and before you know it, it’s fully charged! The possibilities are seemingly endless when you have a generator.

Easy Power for Easy Construction

Construction sites are a challenging place to work in. They are almost never connected to the local grid, so workers have to rely on generators to power their machinery and tools. They provide uninterrupted power backup, which is essential for high efficiency in the field.

During night time, generators can prove to be even more useful by providing light to the construction area. Have you ever wondered how workers seem to magically fix potholes on the highway in the dead of night? The answer is generators.

Various Generators and Their Applications

Generators come in various forms. Depending on your needs, you may opt to invest in one of the following types.

  1. Standby Generators

Standby generators commonly used in homes and offices. The best thing about standby generators is that they kick in automatically. As soon as the power goes out, the generator detects it and starts by itself. These generators are powerful and are typically fueled by natural gas or propane.

They can sometimes be noisy, but it is a small price to pay for the safety of your family or work equipment. Some generators can provide power for hours or even days at a time.

  1. Portable Generators

Portable generators are great to use outdoors. We’ve tested several cheap Generac portable generators to help you find the right one for your needs and budget on They are your perfect companion for activities like camping, picnics, and tailgating. These generators are smaller in size compared to the standby ones. Wheels are attached to their base, so you can virtually take them anywhere.

You can even use them for smaller sized homes and offices, making them a 2 in 1 solution.

  1. Solar Generators

Solar generators can set you back a few bucks but will ultimately prove their worth in the long run. They use sunlight and convert the captured energy into electricity. If your home or office is situated in a place with lots of sunshine, then this can be the ideal generator for you. Since they are powered by the sun, you never have to worry about fuel costs!

Picking the Best Generator

Generators can help you in a multitude of ways. Picking the right one can be challenging, though, as there are so many options. Today, access to power is a necessity. You should weigh your needs and set a budget before deciding to invest in one. Rest assured, whichever generator you buy, it will prove itself invaluable to you.