All You Need to Know About Tossa De Mar 

A borough named Tossa de mar in Catalonia, Spain, located on the coast of Costa Brava 87 kilometers from Barcelona which is at its south, and it has a French border in the north at the distance of 100 kilometers. Tourists can reach via Girona Airport, which is located on the north side of the Tossa de Mar. From the period of Neolithic, there is sufficient evidence of resolutions. Also, it is alleged that the Tossa de mar is populated with them. The first Iberian resolutions came up in between the first to fourth centuries after the Romans in the early century. For more details you can visit Clubvillamar here, professionals will guide you.

Count Miro of Barcelona gave up Tossa de Mar to the Abbey of Ripoll. Later Abbey of ripple granted its Tossa its charter corresponding with the church building mount Guardi which is still showing a glimpse of past.

A castle was built on the top of the Guardi mountain, which later turned into a windmill and also a lighthouse. The Town was also separated in the twelfth century. To provide homes to its unique population, Muros were built to meet the demand. This development later sped up in the seventeenth century. Tossa de mar shaped as an urban town that has to keep its beauty and historical values till the arrival of mass tourism in the 1950s.


Tossa is a fishing town since medieval times, and Its economy was based upon agriculture and, particularly, cork, wine, and grape wine until the tourism industry development. The export market of cork taps was at its peak in the eighteenth century and during the beginning of the nineteenth century. Though Fishing was not enough for the village’s economy, still it had provided source of income in the days of economic droughts. In the present era, a small scale fishing industry is keeping the roots alive. Mostly fish from the fisherman sold in the markets, restaurants, and in the Sant Feliu de guixols. 

Tourist Attractions

This small town has a number of places to visit as this is rich with natural beauty and a lot explore like


  • The Tossa Beach
  • La Mar Menuda.
  • El Codolar,

Historical places

  • The Ancient Hospital of Sant Miquel
  • Parish church
  • Roman villa of Ametllers
  • The walled-in Old Town
  • The Municipal Museum

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