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6 Ways to Fix your Posture

Good posture is not all about the looks. How we stand, walk, and sit can affect both our mood and our health. So, stop sitting improperly and slouching and focus your attention on these tips in order to improve your posture, as well as your health.

1. Do posture-correcting exercise

In order to have good posture, it will require training your body to be in the right position with the smallest amount of strain possible. You can improve your posture by doing exercises from the Army Field Manual, do exercises against the wall, do daily warm-up in order to build balance and improve your posture, and stretch daily to fix the problems you might have. These exercises will not only help you with your posture but will also help you in staying fit and healthy.

2. Fix your workstation

If you are someone who needs to sit at a desk most of their time, you might want to consider setting your workstation in the right way. You should figure out what desk height works for you (whether it is a sitting or standing one) and keep your feet flat on the floor when sitting. The best way to figure out the right seat height is to level it with your knees.

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3. Hold your phone and tablet properly

You are probably stretching your neck down all the time in order to look at your phone, and that is not helping your posture at all. You could try holding your phone in front of you, instead of bending your neck every time you want to check something on your phone. Also, when it comes to your tablet, you could prop it up on a holding device if you are reading or doing something on it.

4. Get a posture corrector

There are various kinds of posture correctors that will help you with different problems. So, if you have a problem with rounded shoulders, you could check out some posture correctors for rounded shoulders that will help you fix problems, as well as help you with the pain you might be feeling. SO, this type of correctors will correct your spine alignment by pulling your shoulders back.

5. Do not forget to adjust your posture in every situation

You should not only correct your posture for your workstation. We need to correct it in other situations as well. You need to sit up straight when driving and by adjusting the rearview mirror, you could do just that. You also need to think about what type of mattress and pillow you have, since they will affect the way in which you hold yourself throughout the day.

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6. Test your posture and learn how to stand properly

In order to check your posture, you can test it by leaning your back and neck against a wall or door. You will need to stand with your feet six inches from the wall, and your back and neck should be against the wall. Then, you should lift your arms parallel to the ground and rotate them against the wall and try to touch your wrists. If your back arches or if you have trouble getting your wrists up, it will be a sign of a bad posture.


Keep in mind that if you have serious problems with your back, posture, or pain, you should consult a doctor. But, for most of us who’s spines are not aligned well, the tips that you have read in this article should prevent pain and boost your overall well-being.

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