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What to know when buying HDD

Computers are pretty much mandatory nowadays, and almost all the tasks we do for work or something similar, go through them. Which means, we need to have a solid system either at our office or at home.

The thing about computers is that they are advancing maybe at the fastest pace out of all other types of technologies and gadgets. Therefore, it is sometimes hard to catch up and be in touch with all the new releases of components and various PC parts.

In a PC system, all of the components are equally important. Starting from the motherboard, moving up to the CPU and the GPU, all the way to the power supply. The PC is like the human body, you remove one part, and it can’t perform the way it should. You remove something more important, and it won’t be starting up at all.

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Today, we are discussing Hard Drives, or HDD’s if you’d like. There are numerous choices that you need to make when purchasing one, so we decided to write this article that will explain some of them and hopefully make your decisions easier. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What to know when buying an HDD

There are two types of memories in your computer system. The RAM, which erases every time your PC shuts down, and there is the permanent memory which is your Hard Drive or SSD (Solid State Drive). Like we already said, today we are discussing HDD’s, so we’ll stick to that only.

Today’s hard disks are pretty cheap, and this is because SSD’s started getting a lot of attention from PC lovers. But, because HDD’s got cheaper some at under $250, they also started getting a lot of attention, weird right? So, now people are weighing in the pros and cons of HDD’s and SSD’s and deciding what to buy for their system. While we are at weighting cons, you should check differences between WD Black vs. Blue vs. Purple vs. Red, for those of you who are more tech-savvy, this will come in handy.

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Alright, so when you are purchasing an HDD, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Nothing too complicated, but you should still know what you’re getting for your well-earned money. A hard disk drive will have a certain number of RPM or rotates per minute. The higher this is, the faster your HDD will be. Next, you need to see the actual transfer speed, this will usually be displayed immediately, anywhere in the product description, or on the packaging itself. The ones with higher transfer speeds will be more expensive.

Then, what is really important, is the noise that HDD’s make. Beware that unlike SSD’s, the Hard Disk Drivers are a bit of older technology, and therefore they make some noise while working, especially when they are under heavy load. So, You need to read some reviews on the hard disk that you want to buy and see what the previous users have to say about it. It might say “Silent” on the packaging but sound like a jet plane when you install it in your PC. So, if you want to enjoy your silence while working, definitely consider finding one that is producing less noise.

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