5 Easy Ways to Treat Lower Back Pain at Home

A lot of people suffer from lower back pains due to various reasons. The most common is sitting for a prolonged period of time, lifting items incorrectly and old age. Bad posture for instance when sitting on office chairs and in our cars exerts a lot of pressure on the lower back. The studies show that about 80% of all adults will at once or another experience lower back pain. On that occasion, the website refers you to various ways you can use to treat lower back pain at home. Here are some of those ways.



This is the simplest exercise that anyone can take. Instead of sitting all day, take some time to walk around to keep your posture in its natural position. You can walk to the shops, if you are a dog lover, you take your dog for a walk every day. Walking not only strengthens your core and back, but also allows you to meditate and reflect since it is a rather passive activity.

Use Ice Packs and Heat

Whenever you have a feeling of a tinge on your lower back, ask someone to apply some ice wrapped in a towel on your back. Ice is effective at reducing inflammation by stimulating your nerves and allowing blood to flow properly. It can also relieve sharp and sudden pains by numbing your nerves. Always ensure that the ice is wrapped with a towel or cloth before applying it on your skin to avoid frostbites. You should also limit the time you apply the ice to less than 20 minutes. If you want to use a heating pad, ensure that you check the temperature carefully to avoid burning yourself. You can also improvise and use a hot water bottle if you do not have a heating pad. Just make sure the temperature is right to apply on your skin. Heat is good for relieving stiff muscles.



Take time to exercise and stretch at home. You really do not need a trainer to do some simple exercises and stretching at the comfort of your house. Try to bend with your back straight and touch your toes to relieve the back muscles and your hamstrings, then stand straight and pull your arms up while you stand on toes. Another good pose is lying flat on your stomach, then have someone pull your shoulders gently such that your chin points directly in front. Last but not least, stand with your legs apart, then swing your arms over your head leaning on the side of your waist on either side. You can also swing while bent slightly with either of your hands touching the opposite leg and back. When you stretch, ensure that you hold your stretches for 20 to 30 seconds and do not bounce. Listen to your body to avoid straining it beyond its ability. Such stretches should take about 30 to 40 minutes. This is a time you can set aside.

Get Enough and Comfortable Sleep

People don’t know this but sleeping is one of the ways you can cure back pain. Sleeping rejuvenates your cells giving your body energy and stimulating blood flow. It is important that you sleep on a comfortable surface that supports your back properly. Lack of good and deep restorative sleep may make your pains worse, so you should try and solve any sleeping problems if you have them. You can ask your spouse to massage your back to relieve pain if you are unable to sleep because of the pain.

Drink Lots of Water


Water is the most important substance required by your body. It is the fuel that runs all of the processes in your body. Your body can go for days without food, but very few days without water. Water is necessary for curing back pain. It lubricates the spaces between the discs that make up the spine avoiding friction that causes the pain. Nutrients to the back muscles and bones are also brought in liquid form. This means that without water, your back muscles become weak due to lack of nutrients. Try and drink at least eight glasses of water or about two liters every day to keep your body hydrated.