5 Ways to Save Money for the New Year

The New Year is a time of fresh beginnings. Why not include a plan to save money with your resolutions? Coming up with a strategy to save money and sticking to it throughout the year can be difficult. Focus on these 5 ways to save money for the New Year to get started:

Use a Budget to Stay Focused

Remaining motivated to stick to financial goals is a challenge for many people. Sitting down and hammering out a budget can help you stay on track. You might want to print out your budget, along with goals on how you’d like to spend your saved funds.

Maybe you are saving up for a vacation or a home. Select some photos to keep with your budget to encourage you to continue saving money.

Learn More about Your Personal Finances


Not to draw too much from Saturday morning cartoons, but there is a saying that knowing is half the battle. This holds very true in regards to finances. Taking a few minutes a day to read about monetary topics or to get advice can boost your ability to save money for the New Year.

Handle Expensive Debt Right Away

There are many different forms of debt out there. You should prioritize any outstanding debt payments you have in the New Year. Credit card debt generally comes with very high interest rates. Find the debt you have with the highest interest payments and focus on paying that off first.

Getting rid of high interest payments can save you money every month throughout the coming year. You can put the saved money towards paying off other debt and towards your personal savings.

Cut Out Extra Costs

Buying a cup of coffee on the road every morning adds up and so does eating out, even at fast food restaurants. You could end up saving more than $1,000 in the New Year just by brown-bagging all your lunches. Cooking more at home is a simple and healthy way to save money.

You can save even more money by making things last. Americans around the country are focusing on repairing old clothes and furniture, instead of running out to buy brand new goods. You can add more savings to your bank account by jumping on this trend.

Make Sure You’re Shopping Smart

Coupons are a great way to save money on big-ticket items and weekly expenses like groceries. Many companies even offer online coupons now, saving you from cutting out coupons and digging through newspapers.

You can also take advantage of services that compare retailer prices electronically. You can even check out gas prices to save money at the pump. It’s easier than ever to make sure that you’re getting the best possible price for the goods you buy. Make sure your money goes further by staying educated about what you’re buying.

Saving money for the New Year is a resolution most of us can get behind. You can make sure you’re ready to add to your savings by following these five steps as the New Year rolls around.

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