The Rise Of The Luxury Barber Shop

Luxury salons have been around for decades upon decades. A place where women can congregate and enjoy the company of one another, catch up on the hottest gossip, talk fashion, and get their hair and nails done at the same time. Men rarely fancied such an experience, and the barber shop was always a place where guys could get in and out of the barber chair without waiting long, and without the unnecessary interactions between the customer and the barber.

Well, like Bob Dylan once said, “times are a change’n.” Yes, there is so much truth to that statement even today. The modern man seems to enjoy life’s little luxuries above and beyond that of his father and grandfather. There was a time when a “man-icure” would have been scoffed at and laughed at among your peers, and a warm facial towel after a shave was something only soft men took part in. Well, times have changed.

Your modern man is as sophisticated as ever, enjoying some of the luxuries that were once reserved for the ladies of the world. The rise of the luxury barbershop has been in the works for over a decade, but the recent trend of luxury barber shops that have been emerging is something to make a note of. Barbershops all over the country are opening in major cities to provide luxury accommodations for the modern man.

Imagine for a second, spending a few hours on a Saturday being treated like a king. Walking into a local barbershop that’s more like the bar from Cheers, you know, where everybody knows your name and kicking back for a minute before you get your mop cropped, or your beard trimmed with a drink in your hand. This is a reality for many men around the country that are fortunate enough to live near a luxury barbershop. A prime example of one of these sophisticated establishments is this Barbershop in Denver. This style of men’s luxury barbershop is setting the bar high for other barbers in the country looking to open and operate a barbershop of their own.

The haircuts and beard trims aren’t the only things these modern men are flocking too. Custom fit clothing, stylish shoes, and red carpet wardrobes complete the look and feel these luxury barbershops create. Say goodbye to the “hair stylists” and the 12 dollar clippings you have been accustomed too, and say hello to the modern mans luxury barber.