WordPress Plugins While Your Website Is In A Construction Mode

Suppose, you have bought a domain name and a hosting and planning to launch a new website for your business.

But, did you plan that while your website will be in a construction mode, how it would be looking to the visitors?

Because as we all have heard that the first impression is the last impression.

So, if you want to make a better impression of your business to your customer, then you can’t leave your website like appearing a random message on your site homepage while it is in a construction mode because it might leave a bad impression on your customer.

And if it happens then surely, it’s going to affect your business.

But if you don’t want to make it happen and to look for a solution then you have come upon the right place because today in this article I am going to share some amazing coming soon and maintenance mode WordPress plugins which will help you to display a very attractive home page while your site will be in a construction mode.

But before I move forward let me tell you that this article is going to help only if your site is on a WordPress. So if you have a site on some, another platform then don’t waste your time here go and find a solution somewhere else.

Let’s start…

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugins

There are some plugins available on the WordPress which helps you to create a page without writing a single code to show to the visitors while your site is in a construction mode.

Before I talk about any plugins, let me tell you a little difference between a coming soon plugin and a maintenance mode plugin…

The time when you are planning to launch a new website with a new domain at that time you should use a “WordPress Coming soon” plugin. But if already you have a website and showing the 503 error during the maintenance then you can use a “maintenance mode” plugin.

While using these plugins remember one thing, never use “coming soon plugin for maintenance mode” or “maintenance mode for coming soon.”

In case if you are using coming soon plugin when your site is down for maintenance, then Google will index that page as your site.

And if using maintenance mode for coming soon then, Google will not index your site.

In short in both cases you have to be careful otherwise Google may harm your ranking.

There are many plugins available on a WordPress which are providing both features in a single plugin and some are providing individually.

To use a combined plugin feature would be the best idea because it’s not going to affect your site ranking in Google in any situation, but the combined one is a little risky.

These are some plugin names you may use while launching a new site or maintaining a site.


Let’s wrap up…

Above we seen about a coming soon and maintenance mode WordPress plugins. These are the plugins used to create a page for displaying to the visitors while either planning to launch a new website or putting a website in a maintenance mode.