How Good Is The AweEraser For Mac

Chances are at least once in your life you will come across the situation where you either want to donate or sell your beautiful Mac computer. Whether it is because you got a new one, and simply don’t need this Mac, or for whatever reason, there are few things you have to do before your computer ends in the hands of someone else. And with that, the most important thing is to erase all your data and make sure there is no way for it to be recovered on the same Mac.

Now, I personally had the issue of finding a relevant solution that I was 100% sure in once I sold my Mac. There were tons of applications, and platforms that promised good service but for some reason, I was skeptical about most. Anyways, I ran into the AweEraser application and decided to try it out as numerous feedback comments were pointing it works quite well. Let’s take a look at what I found out!

What Is An AweEraser

AweEraser is a Mac data erasure software that is sure to delete – without the possibility of recovering all the data on your hard disk as well as storage media, cache, history, or whatever other private info is contained in there. While most other software isn’t resistant to the recovery options, this one is using a military standard by which it ensures that all data will be erased while the operating system will remain undamaged. The algorithm includes PeterGutmann’salgorithm and is covered by the HMG Infosec Standard 5.

It can even erase data from the connected USB flash drive, camera, or RAID memory. This Mac data erasure software works on the latest macOS10.14 and doesn’t require much. In my opinion, the cost of this software was nothing compared to what you get as a result – for $29.99 you will be left trouble free!

How Does It Work

Now, as soon as I bought it, I wanted to try out if it is as good as people say. The installation process was easy and soon after I found myself facing three modes:

  1. Erase files. The basic Erase files modes give you an opportunity to erase all files and documents either from the hard disk, or external It is done in two steps – you drag the file to erasure list, and then you click the button Erase. It takes just a few seconds till the software applies what you requested and remove the files/folders for good.


  1. Erase hard drive. If you want to permanently erase Mac data, this is the right mode for you. You just select the wanted hard drive/device, and the process begins. Just be careful once you start the erasing process there is no coming back, and all data will be permanently erased.


  1. Erase free disk space. Last, but not least this Mac data erasure software offers you an option to delete the files/folders that you thought were gone. The thing is, the data that you have previously deleted is still kept somewhere and ready to be recovered – that is why AweEraser gives you the option to get rid of it!

The Benefits Of Installing An AweEraser Software
  1. First of all, the AweEraser is easy to install, simple to use and absolutely secure from any Malware. For just $29.99 you will get a software that will work like a charm when you need to permanently erase Mac data.


  1. It is time and energy saving as it takes no more than few minutes for the whole process to be done.


  1. It is safe and gives you the opportunity to sell/donate your Mac worry-free. There is no way your erased data can be recovered, and that is what most people fear of!


I have to tell you I was pretty amazed at the swiftness of this software. I had my Mac completely cleaned from any data in a matter of minutes, and ready to sell. Though I am a skeptic when it comes to new apps that promise miracles, the AweEraser really worked like a charm.

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