Why You Should Try Blind Effect Contact Lenses


Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses is mostly a matter of personal preference, but people continue debating on which one is a better choice for vision correction. While glasses require less maintenance, only a bit of cleaning and might be cheaper in the long run, contacts still have many advantages over them.

Even today, there are still many misconceptions about wearing contact lenses and that makes people hesitate to give them a try. However, you should be aware that the right contact lenses are extremely safe to wear and with the right care and proper hygiene, any potential issues can easily be avoided.

The Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses


1. Clearer Vision

 Contacts give you greater focus and a wider field of view because they sit directly on your eye. Your peripheral vision is also unobstructed and contacts also don’t get affected by various weather conditions such as rain or fog, and they do not steam up.

2. Great for active people

 Wearing contacts enables you do participate in various outdoor activities or sports and eliminate the constant worry about your glasses falling off, getting damaged, or breaking. They also do not interfere with helmets, goggles, or caps, and very rarely escape from the eye socket.

 3. You don’t have to compromise on style

 Although they can certainly complement your look, sometimes eyeglasses can get in the way. This especially applies to situations where you would like to show off your eye makeup. Unless you have a few pairs for different occasions, glasses simply aren’t versatile and will not go well with every look. Contact lenses will enable you to wear whatever you want and make you feel great in the process.

 4. You can get creative

 Even if your vision is perfect, you can still wear contacts. Manufacturers like Eyemi provide a variety of different colored lenses, so if you simply want to change or enhance your eye color, contacts would be a great choice for doing that.


There is also a wide range of decorative lenses you can use to complete your Halloween costume. For example, lenses with a blind effect might be a perfect choice to create a ghostly appearance that will spook anyone around you. They can add an extra fright element with their creepy design that gives the effect of no pupil or iris.

They do not obstruct or impair your vision but are extremely comfortable to wear. These premium quality lenses ensure comfort, moisture, and softness while taking your zombie, ghost, or demon costume to the next level. They are definitely worth trying out if you need a creepy design or if you just want to have some fun and maybe pull a prank on someone.

Although these decorative lenses might enhance your look and add that extra touch to your costume, remember that they are not cosmetics or over-the-counter merchandise. Before deciding to get them, you should visit an eye doctor for an exam. The doctor will evaluate how your eyes respond to contacts and measure each eye to properly fit them. They will give you a prescription that includes a recommended brand name, lens measurements, and an expiration date. Follow all directions to ensure your eyes stay healthy and safe.

Once that is done, go ahead and choose the perfect lenses to compliment your look. Spook out your family and friends, and have fun while wearing these chilling, but cool decorative lenses.

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