Why All Women Should Have a Spa Robe

Just imagine yourself standing in the middle of your kitchen, with all the dishes piled up in the sink, any many more at the dining table, the spatter of spaghetti sauce in the floor, and the smell of burnt food in the oven, then you hear the crying and shrieking of your kids in the living room, the insistent ding of the doorbell and the barking of the dogs in the backyard, and then suddenly your son comes to you with his face painted with your favorite lipstick! This is probably every mother’s scenario on God forbid a daily basis, but it is enough to make us think twice of what motherhood and womanhood really is. It is not always as bad as this is, but toiling every day for the caring and nurturing of our families can become stressful and at times, women may feel trapped and be unhappy in their family life. And this is why having a friend or someone who will listen to your woes and feelings of the primary importance. Without that social support, women will probably not be able to accomplish their roles and tasks.

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On the other hand, when you ask harried and burnout women, whether they would trade their lives for any other circumstances, a majority of which will still choose their present lives, with all its frustrations and difficulties. This would just mean that women may suffer and sacrifice to make sure that they take care of their families in the best way they can, they would just as readily do it over again. Thus, women do not really want to give up their lives, they just want a time in which they could rest and relax and rejuvenate so that they are more able to perform their roles. Although a bit irrational, women will always tell you that having a good relationship, having a healthy family and being able to ensure that children grow in the best way they can makes it all worth their sacrifices and hard work. Women will choose to work to pursue a career but for most, it is to supplement the family income, family will always come first for them. Career women on the other hand will work doubly harder to prove themselves capable as their male counterparts. If they do suspend motherhood it is due to the belief that having a career will interfere with one’s ability to care for the family. Thus, when they do make that leap of faith to have children, they do so wholeheartedly and they will commit to it for the rest of their lives.

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Now, imagine that you are in a super thick, fluffy and soft woman’s spa robe in the middle of your bedroom, lounging in your bed, with soft music in the background and a lighted scented candle, and you just close your eyes and soak all of those in the moment. It is highly likely that this will be all that you need to feel better about yourself and provide that respite from all the demands of motherhood, of work and career. That big and white woman’s spa robe will be any woman’s new best friend, it will comforting, snuggle worthy and can make you feel better and happy. Remember that feeling you get when you first lay down on a newly changed bed sheet that is soft to the touch and smells so good that it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy and happy. This is what that soft and thick and white women’s spa robe will do for your soul.

Every woman should own a spa robe, its pristine whiteness and thick and soft fabric and fuzziness packs quite a punch in terms of how it can be a salve for the weary mother, wife or career woman. In as much as woman would want to believe that they are strong, decisive and adept in the roles that they take on, they do need a social support system that will help them persevere in their roles and navigate through its demanding aspects. Women’s spa robes will enable the tired mother or wife to cast aside her worries and enjoy the feeling of being in a spa right at the comfort of their homes. The robes will be like a mask or costume that superheroes wear in order to protect their identities and will facilitate their alter egos to come out. Once they wear their spa robes, they will be immediately transformed to someone who will actually enjoy that special “me time”. As mothers and working women think about their responsibilities on a daily basis it will actually be good for them to have their own little escape to think about why they take on these challenges and the sacrifices that they have made. That me time is an important step to maintain one’s sanity and this should be a requirement for all women, this will ensure that they will be mentally healthy and thus will be more able to provide quality care and nurturance.

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All women should invest in that whitest, softest and thickest spa robes, one can use it after a bath or a luxurious dip in the bathtub or swimming pool, or to sleep in it, daydream in it and just brood in it. These simple things can actually help women feel good about themselves and allow them to rejuvenate, relax and reorganize one’s thoughts and apprehensions. The problem is most women make a habit out of overthinking and over worrying that their energies become depleted even before they begin their day. That spa robe will give them that extra boost of confidence that would make them believe that they can do anything they sent out to accomplish in the day. Women’s spa robe can be as personal and as special any woman would want them to be. It can be soft and warm, it can have monograms, and it can be in your favorite color and at any length. Invest in a high quality spa robe, and it will be with you for years and years to come.

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