Cerebral Palsy Treatment With Stem Cells: Who is Beike?

Stem Cell Treatment Now (SCTN) has been using stem cells to treat people with chronic, debilitating conditions for over ten years. They use the stem cells from Beike Biotechnology, which has been approved by many standards (such as the American Association of Blood Banks and the FDA-CBER), received many certifications, and has proven itself to be safe and effective. Though never guaranteeing results, many of their patients have had miraculous changes in their conditions. One of their patients is Samuel, a boy born in 2013 with cerebral palsy. He has lived a life reliant on his parents, fraught with seizures, little muscle tone, and very poor vision.


After hearing about the treatment for cerebral palsy through a former SCTN patient, Samuel’s parents began looking through the many testimonials online. There are articles and stories about patients, and videos interviewing patients and parents. Excited but still nervous, Samuel’s family got on a plane and made the trek to Thailand, where the treatment hospital was located. “Always smiling and ready to help,” the staff was supportive and encouraging, putting Samuel and his parents at ease. “The therapies and diet help the stem cells work better in (Samuel’s) body. The food is prepared especially for (Samuel), according to his condition and what he is used to having at home.”

The Results of Stem Cell Therapy


Though the comfort they experienced was a relief, the best part was yet to come. After returning home, just three months after treatment, his parents began to notice changes in their son. “Before the treatment, Samuel could not do almost anything,” his mother said. “Three months after the treatment… his swallowing got better, and he can eat and drink by mouth. His lungs got better and he (has) fewer infections than he used to. He (can) cough on his own and (doesn’t) need to be suctioned twice a day anymore. He can concentrate better, recognize people by voice, and he reacts (to) what happens around him.”


Encouraged by their first experience, Samuel’s parents decided to bring him back for a second treatment. His mother stated, “In this second (treatment), we knew we could trust in everything, so we didn’t have any concerns.” They became comfortable in Thailand, finding the western restaurants they enjoyed and embracing their time in Bangkok. They recently returned home and his family is waiting patiently for further improvements in Samuel.

Stem cell therapy often will not show results until months after treatment. Stem cells take time to differentiate and help the body heal to the point that there is a noticeable difference. That’s why results are not commonly seen during the duration of a patient’s stay for treatment, and why Beike tracks the progress of patients as far as a year later. Even if results are seen during the time of treatment, patients will often continue to improve and see more impressive results months down the road.

Considering Treatment

Beike Biotech values the safety of their patients above all else. The company only uses adult stem cells, as opposed to embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells have a controversial origin and a dangerous capacity to overgrow and create tumors, whereas adult stem cells do not. When considering a stem cell provider, there are a few crucial factors that need to be considered:

  1. The company needs to be reputable. Beike has been providing stem cell therapy treatments for over a decade, ensuring true professionalism as you pursue treatment. The staff is available to answer questions and provide suggestions before, during, and long after treatment to ensure patients receive the best possible care and can continue to improve long after leaving the treatment center.
  2. Make sure that the stem cells provided are safe to use. This means that they should be adult stem cells, as embryonic stem cells are not yet able to be controlled and can have very damaging side effects to patients. Beike uses strictly adult stem cells and includes a variety of beneficial stem cells to give the best chance for healing.
  3. Do your research. Check to see if other people with your condition have been treated, and what their experience and results were like. Beike always seeks to maintain transparency between patients and company, while maintaining patient-doctor confidentiality. However, many of our patients are willing and excited to share their stories. They are often willing to speak to potential patients to help reassure them and answer questions. In short, make sure that your stem cell provider has proven efficacy.
  4. Your stem cell provider should provide a series of supplemental therapies. Stem cells are encouraged to work harder when the body is moving and stimulated to work, as it reminds the body of what it is capable of doing and what it needs to improve upon. Beike has ten different therapies that can make an immense difference in your treatment outcome.

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