What Mystery Illness That Attacked US Embassy Staff In China


A mysterious illness has reportedly affected the US embassy staff in China, and as a result, the decision was made to remove several people from the positions. This situation is quite similar to what happened with a few staff members in Cuba.

The Cuba embassy was hit last year by this mysterious illness when a total of 24 US employees reported problems. These were described as “auditory sensations,” and it caused brain injuries. It was speculated that some agency or government might be responsible for these attacks that could have been conducted with some type of sonic weapon.

All this comes at the moment when US and China relations are at a quite low level due to the possibility of an intensification of a trade war. Only a few days ago, the State Department issued a warning to its personnel that one employee of their China embassy reported “subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure.”

These reports were taken seriously, but they still do not know the cause. It is advised to anyone who encounters anything unusual to move to a safe place. This includes any changes and “unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena.” It was noted that Cuban staff members had brain injuries and one official in China was diagnosed with mild brain trauma.

In case that unusual symptoms occur, any member should inform medical staff. It is said by the State Department: “if they note new onset of symptoms that may have begun in association with experiencing unidentified auditory sensations.”

At both locations in Cuba and China, the US dispatched special teams to investigate these mysterious attacks. America didn’t accuse any of the government, and Cuban officials denied any involvement in this case.

A sonic attack can cause symptoms such as headaches, vertigo, permanent hearing loss, dizziness, vomiting and in severe cases, even brain damage.


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