What Is Contact Center As A Service (CCaaS)?

When it comes to deciding between customer experience solutions, businesses have quite a few options to choose from. Choosing a customer experience solution is one of the most important decisions a company has to make — without the right customer service tools and resources, it will be impossible for businesses to provide good customer service experiences and build relationships with consumers. Fortunately, a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a great option for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But what is a CCaaS and how can it help companies provide better customer service experiences?

Understanding what a CCaaS is


Like many of today’s customer service solutions, CCaaS is cloud-based. This means that instead of having the software hosted at the business’ location, employees have access to it in the cloud. Having a cloud-based software allows companies to worry less about maintaining the host server and more about actually communicating with their customers.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to customer service is routing the communication interactions from various channels. Most businesses have contact options through platforms like emailing, messaging, chatting, and phone calls — which can add up to a lot of different channels to manage. Fortunately, CCaaS software helps companies route incoming communications from all of their channels and determine which representative is best fit to answer the incoming question or concern.

CCaaS can also offer additional communication options for businesses, including automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, and computer telephony integration. All of these tools provided by CCaaS providers, such as, give companies the resources needed to respond to customer inquiries quickly and effectively.

How can businesses benefit from choosing a CCaaS?


There are endless benefits to companies choosing a CCaaS instead of an on-premises contact center system. One of the biggest and most obvious benefits is that it helps companies provide better customer service experience. Without an organized system, companies may have difficulties answering questions in a timely manner and even giving the right information to customers.

A CCaaS can significantly limit wait times and get customers in direct contact with a service representative without having to go through several steps. Poor customer service experiences make for unhappy customers and can ultimately hurt a business’ reputation.

Another benefit of choosing a CCaaS is that businesses will save money. Moving over to a cloud-based customer service solution doesn’t involve any upfront investments and can reduce power costs since the system won’t be hosted on-premise.

Additionally, businesses won’t have to spend time or money maintaining the hardware used to host the system. These systems can also allow companies to reduce their staff since the customer service process will become more streamlined. And, of course, not having to maintain the system themselves, businesses won’t have to deal with any downtime if there are issues, which can help them continue to serve their customers and grow their business.

Lastly, a CCaaS system gives companies the opportunity to scale their system to meet business needs. Companies will only pay for the technology they actually need, offering the scalability needed to save time and money. Businesses can bring more agents on as needed and they won’t have to pay for software licenses or services. All in all, using a cloud-based system gives businesses the flexibility to change their service as their business changes.

Using a Contact Center as a Service system is beneficial for businesses, especially in today’s digital age. From saving money to providing better customer service experiences, a CCaaS system can help businesses grow and build better relationships with their customers while adapting their system to their business’ changing needs.