Tips For The First Time Travelers To Oman

If you’re planning on visiting Oman for the first time, then there are a couple of things to know that will make your travel experience even better. Oman is a wonderful country located on the Arabian Peninsula, with charming architecture and unprecedented natural beauty.

And if you’re looking to make your travel unforgettable, then consider reading this friendly article that we’ve put together aimed at first-time travelers to Oman.

It’s Quite Hot Down There


Oman is very sunny and very hot throughout the year. There is no cold weather on the Arabian Peninsula, and Oman is no exception to it. There are two predominant climates in Oman. You have the summers, where temperatures can rack up in the mid-40s, and you have the “winter” when temperatures usually range between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius. However, the weather in the mountains is generally different than in most cities, with one of the colder places being the Al Hajar Mountains, especially during the nights.

The capital city, Muscat, is very humid and very hot during the day, and that will not change during the nights most summers. On the other hand, Salalah is quite different as it is the place that receives the most rain during the year. This makes the weather there very pleasant. For traveling purposes, we suggest you visit Oman during the winter season (October to February).

Travel Information


Like most places on Earth, Oman requires travelers from certain countries to acquire a Visa before entering the country. Luckily, the Visa can be acquired eighter online or as soon as you reach the border. Visas range from 10-day stay to 30-day stay, to even an entire year. Prices for each go from $12 to $52 to $130 respectively. For more Oman Visa information, heads over to

Respect Omani Culture

The people of Oman are very religious and it is even said that almost the entire Omani population is deeply rooted in religion, tradition, and culture. The people of Oman are very conservative and that is especially reflected by the way they dress and behave in public. Omani men usually wear traditional dishdasha, which is a piece of white or colorful long cloth that covers them entirely or they can be found wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but the former is more popular. They also wear a kummah, which is a traditional cap.

Omani women are also deeply rooted in wearing traditional clothes, which usually come in the form of a black or colorful abaya. The abaya is also a long piece of cloth that covers them entirely, usually accompanied by a scarf that also covers their heads.

While the people of Oman don’t expect you to wear their clothes, they do take offense when they see tourists expose too much of their skin. This is precisely why you shouldn’t wear a bikini in public spaces such as public pools or public beaches.

Money in Oman

The official currency of Oman is the Omani Rial. One Omani Rial equal to 1,000 baisas, which is yet another smaller currency. One Omani Rial equals to $2,60, or 2,35 Euros, or 2,15 GBP. Omani Rial comes in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 paper notes, and 100 and 500 baisas. You are not required to tip for services in Oman, but you can do so if you so choose to.