What Does a Fitbit Do Exactly?


Fitbit, being an outstanding brand that has been selling top-quality watches, be it smartwatches or fitness trackers, each and every product of the company has garnered the attention of the masses. People also desperately wait for their Fitbit product to arrive home so that they can get the benefits. So, what does a Fitbit do exactly?
In actual Fitbit is known for what it does. The only reason fitness enthusiasts buying it or preferring it over other brands is because of its exceptional functions. Let’s take a look at ‘what does a Fitbit do exactly.’

What Does It Do?



There are many Fitbit that has GPS facility. Some of these fitness trackers do not have built-in GPS, but still, you can connect it to your phone to use this facility. Fitbit smartwatches have onboard GPS, which means you don’t need to carry your phone all the time with you to keep a tab on real-time stats. Fitness enthusiasts always prefer to have a Fitbit that has GPS, be it built-in or connected. It is also true that watches with onboard GPS are more popular as everyone likes to have with phone-free access.

Call and text notification

Another thing that Fitbit does really well is the phone notifications. Most of the fitness trackers display the notifications of texts and calls, which keep you informed about the current situation and whatever the sender wants to convey to you. With Fitbit smartwatches or even some fitness trackers, you can even reply to the messages and receive or reject calls, which means even when you are on a walk or jog, you can still connect to the people via your watch.


Phone-Free Music

When you talk about what does Fitbit do exactly, we can’t forget that these are good at playing music as well. Apart from only tracking fitness and heart rate, fitness fanatics need music to perform intense workout or when they go out for running. Some Fitbit watches have a feature to store music, which is definitely an added advantage for all the fitness enthusiasts as they all need good music to stay motivated and positive. A few fitness trackers offer an option to play music from your phone. So, when you are up for selecting a Fitbit, you need to evaluate what you exactly want –onboard music or play music from the phone. But you need to make sure you select the watch with music feature if you want music.


Fitbit is good at providing training to the users as there are some products that offer on-screen coaching. This coaching assists people so that they can perform each and every move correctly. It gives you a feel as if you are working out with a personal assistant. Whenever you make a wrong move, you can easily correct it by watching the on-screen coaching. It helps correct your posture and movement so that you can easily get in shape.


Some Fitbit watches are compatible with Android or iOS, and some are even compatible with both. Compatibility means you can easily connect your watch to your phone and receive notifications and all other alerts. People prefer the watch that is compatible with their phone, but if you own both, then you need a watch that is compatible with both.


Sharing Information

Some Fitbit is good at sharing information with the apps you have downloaded so that you know what is your current status and how you are proceeding towards your goal. It basically shares your health and exercise information with other apps.

Long Running Batteries

To perform all the actions and tracking that you want, you definitely need a watch that offers a long-running battery. Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches have a really good battery life that will surely grab your attention. The best part about Fitbit is that you can easily charge it, and with a single charge, you can keep using it for days.

Charge Reminder

When your battery is running out of juice, Fitbit shows a charge reminder, which is definitely a good sign as you can put it on the charge without even turning it off suddenly. Different watches show reminder in a different manner.