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What do you get from the free Netflix trial?


Netflix is one of the largest streaming service providers that was created in 1997. It has a record number of subscribers (which is in millions), and to be more specific, Netflix has 118 million subscribers worldwide, 55 million of which is in the United States. Netflix is the number one platform for movies and TV-shows, beating their competitors such as Amazon and Hulu.

A good television show and movie show programming costs more than one hundred dollars every month, and with Netflix, it will cost you around one hundred dollars for the entire year! Of course, this is the highest possible amount, but it will depend on the package plan you choose. It could be even less if you choose the basic package which is $7.99. Also, there will be no hidden costs for watching movies or TV-shows on Netflix, unlike other providers.

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Benefits of Netflix

So, you might ask yourself, what are the actual benefits of Netflix? Here is a list of thing that you could get if you subscribe for the Netflix free trial or if you decide to continue paying for it:

  1. Netflix is cheaper than cable and satellite TV – the lowest package plan you could choose for streaming on Netflix is $7.99, from which you can gain 1 user account with SD streaming quality. The second option costs $10.99, and it is for 2 user accounts with HD streaming quality, and the third (and perhaps the best option), is the one that cost $11.99 for an extra 4 users (so you will have 5 in total), with ultra HD streaming quality. The price is quite fair and what is even better is that Netflix will offer you a free trial before the first payment, so you will be able to see if you will enjoy it and have benefited from it. If not, you can simply cancel the service before the end of the first month, and you will not be obligated to pay for it.
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  2. Netflix offers a 1-month free trial – in order to start enjoying your Netflix free trial, you will need to create a Netflix account. In order to create your account, you will have to enter your credit card number. Select between the three packages that Netflix offers, and your free trial will start immediately. During the one month free period (which lasts from 30 to 31 days), you will have the opportunity to watch everything in the Netflix movie and TV-show library. From watching the well-know TV-shows like House of Cards, Luke Cage, Orange is the New Black, to any movie found on their platform. What is the best thing about it you might ask? Well, you will be able to cancel the trial whenever you want to, and you will still be able to stream until the free trial month is finished. You will not be charged for the trial, nor for canceling it.
  3. It is simple to use – the simple fact that the platform’s user interface is designed for people of all ages makes it simple and easy to use. You will not have to download any additional software as Netflix can be accessed by your browser. One more thing that is interesting is that you can stream movies and TV-shows on your smartphone or tablet.
  4. No commercials – it is very convenient to stream on Netflix since there are no commercials during the free trials, as well as when you decide on paying for the next months. You will be able to watch your favorite TV-series without any interruptions by boring commercials or stupid adds.
  5. You can download and watch movies or TV-series offline – for me, one of the great benefits of Netflix is that it will allow users to download anything from their platform and watch them offline. This is a great option in case you decide on traveling or if you simply want to kill some time while going to work.


If you enjoy watching high-quality TV-dramas and movies which will not be interrupted by commercials or adds, Netflix is probably the best solution for you.