5 No-Nonsense Ways To Generate Income Online

Most people are broadly aware that there’s a lot of ways you could make money online. In theory. If you’re lucky… and patient … and don’t mind bending your ethics a tad.

But finding a no-nonsense method—ie one which is built around a solid business model and offers a reasonable probability of success in exchange for your hard work—is a little more challenging. Though there are so many ways as shown on sites like MoneyConnexion, but let’s take a look at 5 no-nonsense ways you can build up an income stream online.

1. Copywriting

source: earlytorise.com

There’s three things about copywriting which makes it a no-nonsense prospect for earning cash online.

  • The demand for writing is basically bottomless. There will always be people looking for someone who can write good copy about their cause or product.
  • It’s not an easy job, which means if you can actually write and have the determination to stick at it, you’ll have surprisingly little competition.
  • There’s solid online infrastructure out there to hook writers up with clients. This eliminates a huge amount of footwork in finding paid gigs.

Of course, all the above supports that copywriting is a sensible and financially feasible way to get your bills paid. But it’s also why the trade has so little appeal to people who want to get rich fast.

Nothing about copywriting scales. Sure it gets easier as you learn systems for writing fast, but it’s always a matter of getting paid for your effort. If you don’t mind that, then copywriting may well be a good choice for you.

2. Join a Legit Multi Level Marketing Company (MLM)

source: investmentwatch.biz

If you haven’t heard of a MLM before, basically it’s a company where you sign on to sell their product for a commission. We’re talking companies like these.

A lot of folks instantly react to the MLM model with a phrase like, “but that’s a pyramid scheme!”

It’s too convoluted (and kinda boring) to explain precisely why this is incorrect, so here’s the bottom line: MLMs are entirely legitimate and legal businesses. In fact, weirdly paradoxical as this may seem, a lot of MLMs sell an extremely high quality and well-researched product, precisely because they’re heavily invested in not operating like a pyramid scheme, which simply sells the opportunity to make money by spending money.

So that’s why they’re legit. Here’s why they’re a no-nonsense option.

MLMs are pretty much the polar opposite of a get rich quick scheme. Making money from an MLM requires a huge investment of time and energy, but if you can pull it off you can end up sitting on a pretty decent income stream.

There’s a hook in the tail for this one too. MLMs will absolutely work as a business but only if you possess these three assets:

  • Boundless energy for networking
  • A willingness to work long and flexible hours
  • A big social network you can draw from in order to make your sales.

Without these, an MLM is pretty much a waste of time. With them, you’ve a good chance of making some sensible coin.

3. Call Center Work

source: kovacorp.com

By now, you might be detecting a bit of a pattern. No-nonsense online work tends not to have much of a wow factor to it. Call center work is no exception.

The reason this is a solid and reliable line of work to fall into is probably fairly obvious. Despite the declining popularity of phone calls, businesses and organizations rely heavily on phone conversations to get stuff done.

If you’re a good communicator and have no trouble retaining that relentlessly cheerful manner, the work won’t dry up any time soon.

Call center work isn’t easy though. You’re going to need to be blessed with an abundance of a few key traits.

  • Patience: let’s face it, people can be tough to deal with. Especially when you’re tired and have been at it all day.
  • Sales ability: most jobs are going to call for at least some ability to schmooze and sell a product.
  • Being a natural extrovert: Call center work requires a natural comfort level with talking, all day, every day. If this is your idea of hell, call center work will not be fun for you!

4. Virtual Assistant Work

source: seriouslytravel.com

“Virtual Assistant” was considered a slightly niche and eccentric job title as little as a few years ago. Today, a growing number of small businesses are routinely drawing from off-site job admin support and see it as a vital part of their core business.

The demand is there, for sure. But there’s another factor in your favor if you’re considering this line of work. Most people who try Virtual Assistant work aren’t naturals for the job.

Organizing people, events and activities from a distance is every bit as hard as it sounds. If you have a naturally administrative personality, you’ll be in hot demand once you establish a foothold in the industry.

Another reason this is a solid, sensible option for online work is that a good VA rapidly makes themself completely indispensable. There’s a lot of job security for a gifted administrator.

5. Grant Writing

source: google.com

If you can break into it, grant writing is another example of solid and reliable work you can do online.

According to Careertrend.com, the average grant writer salary is over $50,000, which is nothing to be sneezed at!

A good grant writer is someone who fuses solid writing skills, a knowledge of project management and a keen eye for research. If you’re comfortable with the methodical procedural thinking that grant writing demands, you’re in a good position to excel at this job.

You will need formal training though. Check out this free course offered by Harvard University. Alternatively, most local universities offer short courses in grant writing.

There are plenty of ways to make money online, but finding a solid and reliable income stream requires a little more research. While these five online jobs may not have the wow factor of a get rich quick scheme, they’re a great starting point if you’re looking for a solid, dependable income.