What are Eyelash Extension and how to Take Care of them?

Many women today are taking care of their beauty, and extending the eyelashes is one of the methods they use. Also, there are men who are not satisfied with their lashes, so the extension is also a nice solution for them. Every one of us is dreaming about that dramatic Hollywood looks, which is also seducing. Some of us are even jealous of those actors and actresses, but the truth is, today’s methods of extending the lashes and maintain them properly are more advanced than in the past, and sometimes we can’t tell the difference between the natural and extended ones.

Basically, the eyelash extension is adding synthetic or natural hair fibers to the base lash, so they can look longer and prettier. This method was pretty expensive in the past, and not every girl or woman could afford it. But now, since every cosmetic studio is offering this service, and there are too many competitors, the prices are pretty affordable, and the whole effect may last for months. Also, the artificial lashes are now so advanced, including the glue that is used to stick them, you don’t need to be afraid that something can go wrong.

As you can see on, there are many different types of eyelashes, and together with your cosmetician, you can choose the volume, length, and shape, that is appropriate to your facial features. You can add smaller or bigger hairs until you get the wished effect. They can even be made of natural hairs, silk, human hairs, and there are some models that are made of horsehair. The usual extensions last less than a month, but also, there are options for more durable applications, that will last 2-3 months, depending on how it’s applied, and how do you take care of them.

And while we are here, we will talk a little about taking care and ensuring that your eyelash extensions will last as long as they can:

Avoid oil-based products

Oils can damage the glue and the hairs can fall off. Oil-based makeup removers are very popular today, and there is no other cosmetic product that can remove them as they can. Also, many of us use oil-based cleansers in the evenings, as a part of our skincare routine. No matter how much you are careful, some drop may get to the lash line, and damage the glue, or even the hairs, making them look not pretty. So, read the ingredients, and be sure you are only using oil-free makeup removers while you have your lashes. In many drugstores, there is specialized makeup removing liquids for those with extensions, and you may consider buying one for that purpose, instead of reading long ingredients lists, until you find the right one product for your eyes.

Don’t cry or sweat

This is very bizarre to say, but in order to have them longer, you need to avoid sweating and crying in the first 48 hours while the glue dries completely. As you know, our tears are not just water that comes out of our glands. They are powerful enough to remove the makeup, but also to make the glue weaker, and the new lashes to fall off. That’s why it’s important to go home right after the application, and stay there a day or two, so you can avoid the risk of damaging your new eyelashes.

Shower carefully

When you shower, try not to put your eyelashes under direct stream the pressure can damage extended lashes too. Even washing your face can be more complicated than before, because you must avoid rubbing the eye area. While you shower, don’t use too hot water for your face, because it may weaken the glue, and make the lashes fall off easily.

Be careful with towels and pillows

Do not rub or use too much pressure while wiping your face as this can also damage the extended lashes. When sleeping, try to sleep on your back avoid touching the pillow with your face and lashes. This may also be difficult, especially for those who enjoy sleeping on their stomach, until they find another comfortable position, that is good for them and prevent eyelash damages.

Forget about your mascara

Even the best mascara can’t give you the effect of the extension, only can damage it if you use it on extended eyelashes. And, why do you invest in new eyelashes, if you plan to still use this makeup product? Most of the time, while you wear the lashes, you don’t need them and don’t spend your money on that.

Quit rubbing your eyes

Rubbing eyes can put too much stress even on your normal lashes. If you do that, you can see fibers and hairs falling, which shows us how much damage can you do by only rubbing your face with a towel or other fabrics you use to remove the excess water after having a bath or washing your face.

Make corrections regularly

There is nothing wrong with the fact that these lashes can’t last forever. Anyway, if you want to have the same effect for a longer period, you may need to reapply some of the hairs every 2-3 weeks, so you can maintain the same length and volume all the time, without making a drastic difference in the way you look and appear. Don’t try to do that by yourself, and leave that job to your stylist, who knows when and how to apply new lashes, and renew your whole look.

Today, making changes to your physical appearance is something that isn’t taboo anymore. There are those who are putting injections in their lips, and face, undergo plastic surgeries if they want to make a bigger change. Eyelash extensions may look like a minor intervention, but the truth is that it can make a big difference in your appearance. Also, you have the full right to expect you will look like a model from a catalog. So, if you are sure you want to make some changes, start with this one, and then upgrade the interventions according to your needs.