6 Skincare Products To Add To Your Routine – 2020 Guide


Taking good care of our skin is necessary for many reasons. The face is the first thing that someone lays their eyes on us when they meet us, so you can consider it a thicket to a good or bad impression. Of course, there are people who have numerous skin issues because of hormones or any other reasons, so that is a completely separate issue. However, skin beauty is not only the result of genetics but consistent care and the use of the right products. Here are the products that we believe should be on your daily regimen list.

1. Micellar water

Even though it is present on the market for a while now, it seems like the last few years it gained the attention that it deserves. It is gentle and very effective. It contains micelles, which are molecules that can draw out any traces of makeup or dirt from the pores, leaving skin refreshed and clean. The only thing you need to use it is a cotton pad and a small amount of the micellar water to clean your face. After you are done, you don’t have to rinse your face, it will be fresh and clean which makes this product truly useful.

2. Face wash

This may be the absolute favorite product for most women because it is a truly practical product. It creates foam easily and removes all the dirt from your face, including the remaining of the makeup. Mascara tends to be the most difficult for removal, but for a good face wash, it is a breeze. If you are still shying away from this product, we are encouraging you to try it out, you will be satisfied for sure. However, choosing one may be challenging, so make sure you determine your skin type and read the review of the products first. If you wish to see what kind of face wash is there available, click here.

 3. Moisturizer

Dry skin doesn’t look nice, it loses its natural glow and can also come with a range of other issues such as redness or itchiness. In extreme cases, it can get even to more complicated inflammations or infections. In order to avoid this, you should choose a moisturizer according to your skin type and use it daily. The way that moisturizers work is that they help the skin retain the water inside, which improves the way your skin looks significantly. There are now moisturizers in the form of a gel that is lighter than the previous versions of the regular creams. If you are not sure which is your skin type, consult your dermatologist. You can also ask for a recommendation about the best moisturizer for your skin and include it in your routine.

4. A face mask

Face masks can help you deal with dryness, oily T zone, and acne. Using them on a regular basis can impact the way your skin looks and its role in skin beauty is undeniable. Depending on the type of your skin, your age, and the goal you want to achieve, choose the face mask that helps you achieve your goal. Lately, charcoal masks have made a complete revolution, helping women across the globe to tackle their issue in a gentle way and with minimum effort. The best thing about a face mask is that you only need to use it once or twice a week for optimum results. It is truly not a big sacrifice but the results become pretty obvious after use.

5. Exfoliator

Despite caring for your skin daily, the dead cells tend to build up causing issues. The most obvious sign that you need to do something about it is that your skin looks dull and that you are starting to notice pimples. This can be easily resolved if you exfoliate your skin once a week. There are numerous exfoliators on the market that you can use, just make sure that it is suitable for your skin type. The best way to exfoliate is to take a small amount of the exfoliator and start scrubbing making circles on your face. Make sure that your hands are clean and avoid the area around your eyes because it is very sensitive and can get irritated easily.

6. Serum

Using a face serum on a regular basis is truly necessary for fighting off the signs of aging. Most dermatologists swear by retinol and hyaluronic acid because its effects are amazing. The role of serum doesn’t end there, it can also help with reducing pores and controlling the oil production which can cause breakouts often. Vitamin C serum has lately become very popular because its effects are incredible. It can tackle the damages on the skin caused by exposure to the sun. It can also minimize the redness and even the frequency of breakouts. The one you should choose depends on your personal preferences and the type of care your skin needs. However, one thing is certain – its effects on the skin are amazing.

These are the products that should be part of your routine if you want to be proud of your skin in the years to come. Having glowing skin does not require any magic, it just means that you need to choose the product well and use them in proper order regularly. Think of your care as a summer rain – a few drops here and there, and the results will be refreshing. If you just tend to use more products then you really need it may actually be counterproductive. Limit the number of products you put on your skin and let it breathe without makeup on the days when you don’t have to use it. It will mean a lot for sure. Whenever you are in doubt about the products that should be on your list, consult the dermatologist you trust. Other than that, the only thing left for you to do is to enjoy having nourished skin.