Useful iPhone Apps That You Can Hide

You bought a new (or used) iPhone and decided to go to the Apple App Store to see what was on offer. By clicking on the icon and after a few moments you will see many different applications, divided into several groups, depending on the type and purpose. What we need to know now is which of them are of good quality and which will serve us better than others?

Today, you can find more than one million available apps in the Apple Store. But the good news is that many of these apps are free. When we take a look, that can be good for someone, and not so good news for someone else – especially if you are looking for an application of a certain type and do not know which one to choose from the ones offered.

But don’t worry about it, as we will talk about the best, free iPhone apps below. We know the year is not over yet, but given that we stepped into December already, it’s not a stretch to try to draw the line, not only for this year but of all available and free for iPhone.

1. Popular camera and photo editing apps for iPhone


Snapseed is a type of photo editor that combines what every user wants – simplicity and variety. It can be a very simple tool for uploading photos, adding filters, and finally “exporting” a photo. Novice or casual users may not be comfortable with it so much more.

Still, when you go into the extra options, this is where Snapseed fully demonstrates its power and capabilities. The tool menu is quite rich in options, each serving essentially the same purpose – photosharing.

Cutting, adjusting perspective, changing lines and curves, adding a multitude of effects and filters – Snapseed is the real deal when it comes to changing photos. Another option Snapseed offers is the ability to insert text and other similar effects that make the photo you take look like a real small masterpiece derived from a contemporary art museum.

Sticky Al

Sticky Al is an application entirely designed to edit selfies. Take a selfie or shoot a short video inside the app, after which Sticky Al will remove the wallpaper. Afterwards, you can customize the look, brightness, dimensions and whatever you want to embellish on your face.

Hiding Applications

Why do we hide data, pictures, or videos from our iPhones? It’s very simple. We often leave our phone near our curious friends who want to peek at our phone. Not everything is for everyone else’s eyes, though. These may include some photos, some important business ideas, or videos for internal use only. For example, you can hide your photos by using native or built-in features.

Hide and remove images using third-party built-in features and applications

While many of us like to show photos from our smartphones, there are times when we may want to keep them private.

Perhaps because they are too personal or inappropriate. Luckily, there are some alternatives that iPhone users can check. This is especially important if you have small kids or curious friends who frequently like to use your mobile. If you take a look at, you can find out breaking news about iPhone models, features and apps. As for the methods of hiding pictures – there are few.

It can be done that natively, but you can use applications designed to maintain your media aswell. Let’s look at how to do it.

Concealing photos on with the help of apps

Maybe the usual methods we use to hide photos on our iPhones, are not the safest. Fortunately, numerous applications allow us to conceal pictures or videos, making them unreachable to sniffing eyes.

Most allow us to set access codes and additional safety actions, making photos difficult for insight.

Private Photo Vault

This option lets you lock images. Therefore, only you or someone you allow can have access. The application, as well as your albums, can be protected with a password. You may even require a lock code to keep anyone out of your reach without your knowledge. Importing or exporting images are also possible from the Photos app.

They can be synchronized with iTunes, send an email or a message, as well as other actions. The app has a browser version that allows users to download photos straightway to the app. Most importantly, if some none-trusted individual tries to enter, the application will inform you about it. It can even supply you with a photo and GPS location of the individual who wanted to break into your images.

2. Applications for changing videos and animations

The first batch of the best free iPhone apps is the bunch of the best and free video and animation changing apps. With them, you will be able to modify your videos, GIFs and Live photos in a very simple, high quality and fast way.


Moodelizer is one of the easiest apps for iOS. You will only need one finger to use this application. It is an application for creating custom music backgrounds for your newly created video clips.

You just choose the genre after which you need to select “playback”. Swiping up increases the intensity of the music, while swiping right adjusts variations. Even just “snooping” on audio capabilities is quite fun, but the real purpose of the application is reflected when you create the video. Fun and useful, especially if you often make video clips and want to put your own music background with them.


Clips is another video-changing app, but different from other similar apps because it tends to share content on social media. For this reason, the application includes features such as “widescreen”, standard subtitles and some other options that all in all give one a good application for editing and video recording.

You can record straight into the application or upload pre-existing video clips. In any case, you can add stickers or different texts to these clips that may appear when the subject of the video speaks. You can also apply different filters to make it all the more fun and colourful. If you have an iPhone X and use this app – all the better because Apple here has prepared an extra treat for you in the form of animated 3D selfie scenes.

3. Apps for sketching and designing


WhatTheFont is an application ideal for anyone who works as a newsletter designer. If you are dealing with this kind of business (or if you just love to put up unusual newsletters) – then this app will be ideal for you because of its ease of use and yet a wealth of options.


Canva is a graphic design tool for all those … well, for those who don’t plan on designing newsletters. Thanks to its options and capabilities, Canva is good enough and adequate to use for all “casual” users who are planning to make, for example, a poster.

The templates are complex and categorized in a fairly intuitive and “smart” way, which is why Canva is not only good for designing regular posters, greeting cards or flyers but can also be used to create cards, logos and business presentations.

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