Home Siding Solution: Know It From the Best Siding Contractors

So you are looking for an optimized house siding solution. You are welcome. It’s great to know that you are planning to take care of your dream house and you just took the right decision of installing siding for that.

Now, before we get our head around the core issue of your house siding, we need to have a better understanding of the parameters that are linked with it. And, it starts with the weather belt that your house is placed under. It says a lot about the protection that your dream home needs.

If you belong to the most densely populated area of Canada which is the greater Toronto area then you definitely know that it snows around 4.6 months yearly in the GTA. The total liquid-equivalent reading of the same is a whopping 0.3 inches. Further, it rains around 140 days a year in the same geo-location area with a maximum of 768 mm rainfall.

Siding is the best insurance that your house can have.

Admittedly, the weather conditions do sound like a bit malefic for your home as you may need to know that rain and snow are the two most injurious force both for the exterior area and the foundation of your house. So, better roll up your sleeves and dig deeper into this siding solution.

Here is your first plan of action- to get the quality siding in the GTA, you should find a reliable company such as idealsiding and let them walk you through the process.

Starting from looking for the house siding solution to hiring the best siding contractor, what connects the dots? Simply, it’s your understanding and informed decision making. There are many technical factors behind zeroing on the right siding material and the other stapled issues.

Siding contractors engineer the protection you look for.

Having said that, your role as a house owner has a definitive share of this whole workaround. The best siding solution for you primarily depends on these four basic factors namely, requirement, budget, efficiency, and aesthetics. It’s not that, there is nothing more to think about except these core attributes of choosing the best siding solution for your house but we will try to analyze these core attributes first.

The efficiency of siding: The built material

Your particular requirements define the material of the siding that you require. There are many types of siding catering to different user segments. Starting from the primitive brick siding, which is known for creating a timeless look of your house, to the modern-day glass siding, and metal siding, there are a plethora of options to go with. But, different siding material yields different attributes in terms of budget, energy efficiency, and looks or aesthetics.

You can consider these options:

  • Brick siding: It’s primitive. It durable, energy-efficient and you can always paint the color of your heart on it. But, it’s one of the costliest sidings due to its heavy material handling and installation.
  • FIbre-Cement Siding: Man-made material which mimics wood siding. The fiber-cement material is less expensive, water and fire-resistant, prevents insects from entering the interior and it’s a good energy-efficient material. You are free to create any design and paint it with any color.


  • Engineered Wood siding: The material is mostly wood with some added material to derive a superior wood-like finish which is more durable than simple wood sidings. This siding type is more popular that wood imitating vinyl or fiber cement sidings. This siding is fireproof and water-resistant. Further, it protects your hose from insects too. The only downside of these sidings is that they cant be re-painted or re-stained.


  • Vinyl siding: the siding material is toughened plastic. It’s durable. Easy to install. The maintenance is low. And, it doesn’t make a big dent in your wallet. This siding type comes with an array of color options and thicknesses. It can also imitate wood grain and stone sidings. The newest option is that you can go for the insulated vinyl siding which is a bit expensive but it does its job in the long run.


  • Stone siding: There are mainly two options with this type of exterior siding- Natural stone siding and fabricated stone siding. On the grand scheme of things, both are smart enough to generate the exact aesthetics that any homeowner looks for. The visually brilliant stone sidings are protective too. Be it, granite or slate or limestone, this siding is here for the durability and lowest maintenance hackles. The only downside of this siding type is that it’s expensive. The material and installation costs can go up with your custom requirements.

You define your siding requirements.

There are other types of sidings like metal, simple wood and glass. But, all of these siding materials are rigorously engineered to meet your demands. They are long-lasting with high efficiency and low maintenance costs. So, as we have detailed in the first section of this article that there are some core parameters which defines your need like the weather belt your house is placed under, your budget, siding efficiency and lastly, the aesthetics you are looking for to make your house more like your personality.

But, affordability plays a major role here. It’s not that your favorite siding understands your budget well. Further, the maintenance of the installed siding is a big issue. Thankfully, the siding experts are there to deal with these parameters and they are the best option that you have to find the exact siding solution for your dream home.

So, what it’s going to be? Feel free to bug us anytime with your requirements and we will be happy to help you out.


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