Trump’s Iran Decision is Leading US To Another War


The Iran nuclear deal wasn’t ideal from the start, but it was the only one we had. Now that President Donald Trump decided to step out of the agreement he found resistance in allied countries such as Germany, France, and United Kingdom as his stance is one-sided and he offers no alternative to it. Also, in addition to Iran, he has a diplomatic disagreement with three longtime partners mentioned above and other world powers such as Russia and China. Due to his negligent politics, Islamic politic regime in Iran could turn back to its nuclear program.

In one of his loud addressing to public President Trump stated: “We cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement.”

What Mr. President failed to mention is that all of the nuclear inspectors deployed in Iran to monitor their nuclear facilities reported that the country is fully compliant with the terms they signed. The Iran regime stopped the stockpiling of enriched uranium and the chances that they can develop an atomic weapon in the next decade are low. What Donald Trump suggested is a new deal which would not only limit their nuclear potential but will also monitor the development of Iran’s ballistic missiles, and reduced their involvement in Middle East matters. The problem is that behind his words stand no plan, or direction all parties involved should take in order to achieve this.


The first major issue created by Trump is the riff with European countries. The sanctions proposed by POTUS are not accepted by Europe as he is asking them to reduce oil and any other type of trade with Iran, and if they fail to oblige, he threatens them with same sanctions. EU refused to renounce the deal, and are considering countering Trump with penalties of their own to America. The Old Continent tried to satisfy the US by bending the agreement without breaking it, but they failed. Now they aren’t willing to aid Trump in attempt to break Iranian economy.

Iran and Europe could continue respecting the agreement even if the US steps out of the deal. But Iran has a potent military, and their secret service has always been opposing the deal in the first place, so they might be quick to return to the old ways. This would mean that after they step out of the agreement, and start collecting enriched uranium once again, they would start a race to create a nuclear bomb. If this happens, Trump will find it hard to prevent it. The administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama both supported the deal as they considered that military action would not result in the prevention of the creation of nuclear bomb by Iran.


Trump was pressured to exit the Iran nuclear agreement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman. Both of these countries are leading low-level wars with Iran. But, the chief of staff of Israel army said that the deal is functional. He stated: “The deal working and putting off realization of the Iranian nuclear vision by 10 to 15 years.” Trump’s actions could reduce this period to only a few years. What his administration should be doing is preventing Iran from waging war in Syria and Yemen.

Israel and Saudi Arabian governments must be hoping that the US will be going back to the Middle East if they break the deal with Iran. Despite Trump saying that the US doesn’t want any more wars in this region, his decisions are bringing us closer to another one.


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