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Top 7 Resources For Your College Assignment Writing

Writing essays and assignments can be a taxing endeavor particularly when you have a lot of work to do. As a student, you have to attend class, write term papers, weekly assignment, dissertations and application essays among many types of writings. It can be difficult keeping up with the different formats of papers while maintaining the quality expected by your instructor.

Thankfully, there are resources online such as CustomEssayMeister that you can use to make the writing of assignments and essays easier. These resources make it easy for you to format your papers, edit them, improve your vocabulary, and cite your papers among many other things. The following are seven of these assignment writing resources.

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UNSW Essay and Assignment Writing

The University of Southern Wales Sydney Learning Center provides some of the most comprehensive help to help you with your academic work. The website provides self-help resources that could help you with anything referencing, academic integrity and plagiarism, critical thinking, note taking and reading, time management, oral presentations, and writing skills among many others.

It has a specific section that helps you with assignment and essay writing. It has links to resources to help you with the basics of essay writing, reflective and  writing annotated bibliographies, critical reviews and how to answer assignment questions.

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Uni Learning

Comes with a wide collection of interactive learning resources that can help you with the study and writing skills needed for college studies. Some of the critical things that you can learn from the site include grammar and punctuation, critical thinking, note-taking, essay, academic and report writing.

The site is mainly tailored for university students through high school students and teachers may also find value in it. The site can act as a reference where you can go to find tutorials and work your way to improve proficiency. Through the interactive activities, you can grade yourself as you practice and develop your study and writing skills.

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Copy Crafter is a content development company that has been providing assignments and essay help to students for years. Copy Crafter helps students with the creation, editing, and proofreading of original texts. When you do not have enough time to write your assignment or essay, you can always depend on Copy Crafter to furnish you with a high-quality paper for your college assignments.

They have a proficient team of native writers who can write high-quality papers that could be anything from a tweet to a book. The team of writers is composed of sophisticated copywriters, bloggers, and writers with years of experience. They have been writing for years and have the capacity to handle orders of varying levels of complexity for you.

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Royal Literary Fund

The Royal Literary Fund is an online guide that provides everything you ever need to write undergraduate essays. The website is a resource full of resources that combine the practical and descriptive to help you become better at writing assignments and essays. It includes not only the definitions but also examples of how to do the assignments and essay writing.

It is structured in a progressive format so that you can go from start to finish or alternatively click on the area that is most relevant to what you need. While it does not have everything a college student would need, it has all the essentials including guides on report , dissertation, and essay writing.

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Time 4 Writing

This is a website that provides resources for the modern student right from elementary school right up to high school. It provides a curriculum that is designed for the modern student. The curriculum helps native English students and ESL students become better writers. It has certified teachers who will teach the student anything from essay, narrative, paragraph construction, mechanics and the basics of research paper writing.

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Cite It In

Citing can be one challenging aspect of academic writing that many students even at the advanced levels still struggle with. Throw in the fact that different professors ask for different citation styles and you have the perfect recipe for chaos. You have to remember how to format and cite your sources accurately in APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian among other styles, which can be overwhelming and often results in mistakes. Cite It In takes care of these issues as it is an automatic citation generator that makes it possible to correctly cite your sources as long as you have all the required data to input.

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Whether you are studying for the TOEFL, GRE, or SAT, prepping to ace the quiz set for tomorrow or just need to improve your eloquence, is a handy resource for all your needs. It has a vast database of new words in every discipline from breaking news to classic literature. There is nothing you won’t find in Vocabulary. Since vocabulary grows with you, it can help enrich your assignments and essays as it helps you internalize and memorize more complex and discipline-specific terms over time.

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There you have it, seven resources to help with your assignments and essays. You will not improve overnight but systematically using these resources will significantly help to improve your writing skills.

Whether you struggle with citation, have a less developed vocabulary, have poor grammar and punctuation, poor sentence and paragraph construction or need someone to help you with your assignments and essays, you can find help with these resources. Use two, three or all of them and you should definitely see some improvement in your academic writing.