Top 10 Hottest Soccer Fans


As much as we miss soccer which has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we also miss soccer cheerleaders who knew how to cheer us on with their hot pics from the field during the season.

In this years’ European Championship, we were expecting to see Marta Barczok – Miss Euro 2016, and other girls trying to exploit the UEFA like Larissa Raquelme in her due time. Sadly, UEFA has been postponed until next year, and while we wait for the season to continue, let’s remind ourselves of the TOP 10 cheerleaders who made an imprint on soccer for the last few years.

Ivana Knöll


Ivana caught the public’s eye during the World Championship of 2018 when she cheered on the Croatians until the finals. That was her starting point, and Ivana really likes to take off her clothes judging by her Instagram profile. Have a look:

Marta Barczok


We already know everything about this attractive Polish Miss EURO 2016 – she is among the hottest World Cup cheerleaders in Russia. Look at the gallery:

Nissu Cauti


This Peruvian caught our attention during a friendly match between Peru and Croatia prior to the World Cup. There were speculations back then that she would be the next Larissa Riquelme. Nissu has of course been to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This is her:

Larissa Riquelme

Larissa has become a worldwide star 10 years ago on a World Cup in South Africa. Her photo with a phone between her big breasts has traveled the globe, however, Larissa rarely visits stadiums these days. Nevertheless, we should not forget her.  Look at the gallery:

Suzy Cortez


Suzy is most notable for her obsession with Barcelona and Lionel Messi, so much so that Messi had to block her on Instagram.

Since she was the Miss BumBum, it is clear what her biggest attribute is, and where she likes to write notes for Messi. Have a look:

Natasha Thomsen


Natasha is of Danish descent, but she is a huge Turkish Besiktas fan. In her due time, she has driven men insane with her provocative photos, and her Instagram profile is still full of them – you can see some of them right here:

Katrina Maria


Katrina is crazy about Manchester United. She often does photo sessions wearing Manchester Jerseys, which she posts to her Instagram profile. She is of Danish descent. Have a peek in the gallery:

Marika Fruscio

We assume that most of you have heard of this busty Italian crazy for Napoli. Aside from being their huge fan, Marika works as a consultant in one of their sports programs. Look at her:

Daniella Chavez


Daniella is a Playboy Bunny who became famous during the Copa América. There were rumors of Christiano Ronaldo cheating on Irina Shayk with her. Have a look:

Claudia Romani


It may sound unbelievable, but Claudia is also a soccer referee by profession. However, she is not friends with the whistle. She likes to pose and to take provocative photos much more. Also, she likes to speculate the results half-naked. She is a huge Milano fan. Take a look: