The Truth Between Cristiano Ronaldo and his Most Famous EX

Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk were in a relationship for five years. She is, without a doubt, the most famous Ex of the football player.

Cristiano and Irina were the most famous couple in the sports world. At one point, everyone thought they were going to marry.

But Irina Shayk ended up having her heartbroken. After a 5-year relationship, Cristiano left the Russian Model in 2015.


Why did Cristiano Ronaldo dump Irina Shayk? They looked like the perfect couple. They were happy. They seemed to be the real deal.

But Irina did something horrible. Did she cheat on him? The answer is NO. She disrespected Cristiano’s mother, Maria Dolores.

Ronaldo was throwing a surprise party for his Mom’s 60th birthday. Irina refused to come to the party. Cristiano felt insulted.

A family friend recently told that Irina challenged Dolores, and Cristiano chose his mother. Also, Dolores didn’t think that Irina was the ideal woman for Cristiano.

She wanted someone who could be a better mother for Cristiano Jr. Ronaldo’s son wasn’t a priority for Irina. Cristiano has always been a family man. He became more attached to his family when his father passed away in 2005.

Ronaldo might be rich and famous, but he never forgets where he came from. He will never let anyone disrespect his mother. So, when he had to choose between his mother and Irina Shayk, the choice was pretty simple for him. But he didn’t hold any grudge for Irina long.

These were his words after the split: “We thought that it would be better for us to make this decision now. I wish her all the best.” But Irina didn’t stay silent for long. She apparently never disrespected Cristiano’s mother. This is what she said during a Sports illustrated Swimsuit conference. “What I look for in a man is honesty. I like men who are loyal to their girlfriends. I think it’s a man’s most important quality.

Irina claims Cristiano was sending flirty messages to “Dozens of girls” around the world. “Now, I know the truth, and I feel completely betrayed. I trusted his snd stuck up for him when there were rumors he had been with other women. I feel stupid that Cristiano has fooled me.”

One of Irina’s friends recalls… “She was completely shocked and devastated. She left immediately and spent her new year alone, crying.” So, who is the one telling the truth here? Did Irina really disrespect Cristiano’s Mom? Or was it just an excuse by the footballer to leave Irina?