Top 10 Facts About Vanessa Lucido From The Curse Of Oak Island

Vanessa Lucido is a CEO of ROC Equipment, the company helping treasure hunters Rick and Marty Lagina excavate borehole H8. We made a list of 10 things you probably didn’t know about this a take-charge, smiling blonde. Take a look.

1. What Her Employees Think About Her

Vanessa Lucido is hard-working and pleasant to work with. Her employees respect her and like her. Even though she works in a predominantly male orientated environment, it doesn’t seem like she is struggling, instead, she works with a smile and is very confident.

2. In Tune And Aware Of The Market

Lucido’s main virtues are being perceptive, strong, and strategic. She works well with her clients, trying to understand what they want, but she also tries to keep in touch with how the market is doing. Drilling is in her blood, and she gained her skills the old-fashioned way, watching and learning at her family’s drilling contracting company, Becho Inc.



3. Being Patient

Lucido is aware that patience is a virtue. She sets her long-term goals and makes sure the company is working on achieving them. She knows that hard work pays off.

4. You Can’t Always Win


Just like Lucido, the viewers of The History Channel’s documentary reality show, know that success is not always a given on Oak Island, and they have seen Lucido’s share of disappointment while running the operation at borehole H8. The latest episode of the show took everyone by surprise when the ground beneath the huge metal oscillator disappeared. The borehole was caving the oscillator on itself, so Lucido told the treasure-hunting team that it had to be shut down.

5. Off Camera

Vanessa’s older brother Rusty describes her as an overachiever with a magnetic personality who doesn’t know how to fail. Dawn Winters, Lucido’s COO at ROC, says she is a multitasker and a hard-working person.

6. Other Business

Lucido has developed a toy business. It seems that that business is equally successful like drilling.

7. Horses

Lucido has a passion for riding horses when leading her crew onscreen. Her parents owned a ranch, and when she was little she used to be around horses all the time. Lucido enjoys running long distance relay races.

8. Becoming CEO And Personal Tragedy

Vanessa Lucido’s father died at the age of 59 in an industry-related accident. She was 26 years old when she became the CEO of ROC. Her two older brothers are also successful in the drilling industry, and her aunt owns and operates a blasting company.


9. Education

Vanessa Lucido graduated from Utah University. She has a BA in humanities, business, management, marketing, and Related Support Services, and an MBA. Her knowledge includes retail, heavy equipment, project estimation, Consumer good, and good handling. She is fit for safety consultants because of her experience.

10. ROC Equipment

Lucido’s family have been working in drilling for ages, and watching them and being around helped her gain her skills and experience. The ROC Equipment has a DBE certification and Lucido is the CEO of the company.