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Some of the best ways to get the latest news

You wake up, you make yourself a cup of coffee, sit on your computer or take your smartphone, and start reading the news. Many people have very similar morning routines, as everyone wants to be updated on the latest events as soon as possible. The world is a big place and something is always happening and thanks to the media covering everything, we can easily keep track of all the latest happenings. The options for tracking news are numerous, so the question is which are the best? The websites and the apps make sure that we don’t fall behind when we’re running around the town. We present you a list of some of the best news apps and websites so you never miss out on the news on your favorite TV show, political scandals, or sports events.


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Some of the main ways people are reading the news today are on the Google News or Apple News app. Android phones usually come with Google pre-installed, but if that’s not the case, you can download the app yourself for free. Let’s face it, Google knows a lot of stuff about you. It creates a model of your interests based on your search history and it serves you stories it assumes you will like. If you give it access to your location, it can target you better and send you more relevant news every day. The design of the app is quite intuitive and it’s easy to use. You can set up your preferences and choose what you want the Google to send you. You can also receive notifications about breaking news and be among the first ones to read them.

When it comes to Apple News, the main idea is pretty much similar to the one behind Google News. Siri will make suggestions based on your interests. You can pick your preferences and choose what you want to read about. You can help Siri learn more about you by approving or rejecting the suggestions she makes. The app offers a widget which can be a useful thing when you’re trying to catch up on the news fast.

Websites and e-newsletters

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Need2Know is a free weekday email digest that offers you stories on the latest news and nice, useful summaries. It covers everything from politics, to sports, entertainment, and media.
Similar to Need2Know, is theSkimm. It adds a bit of humor every now and then making your morning a bit more cheerful.

The important thing about the news websites is that they need to be updated daily and they need to be intuitive and easy to use. Some websites such as Ledelse, are a pretty good example of a clean and intuitive design.

Usually, breaking news will be the first you see when you open the website, while there is a menu on the top or on the side of the page allowing you to choose the topics you’re most interested in.


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So, this is pretty obvious but it’s still on the list as sometimes it’s best not to turn on your computer or check your smartphone, but to simply sit on your balcony and start turning pages of your newspaper. You can subscribe to get the newspaper of your choice delivered to your doorstep or simply walk down to your magazine stand, buy a coffee to go, and enjoy in the park.

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