Tom Hanks and His Wife are Donating Blood for Coronavirus Vaccine Research

We all know that both Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson got infected with the novel coronavirus. After being diagnosed in Australia with COVID-19, the couple returned to the U.S.

Not they are willing to donate their blood and plasma to help the research for the vaccine after they’ve got the confirmation that they carry antibodies for the virus.

Tom appeared on NPR’s podcast, “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” and he shared how he and Rita are feeling now.

He said that now they are feeling fine, but they did have all of the flu symptoms and that Rita was feeling worse than him. He shared that she had a very high temperature, but now she is feeling much better. On the same podcast, he revealed that both of them carry the antibodies.

Hanks said that many approached them for studies, but they’ve already volunteered to donate their blood and plasma. He even joked that he wishes that they will find the “Hank-cinne”.

Rita also gave an interview about their recovery, and she did it with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King. She shared their recovery journey and how she felt when she had all of the symptoms. Rita said how she felt exhausted and extremely uncomfortable. Her fever was severe and close to 102 when she was given chloroquine.

Rita confessed that she doesn’t know if the drug realty worked or it was just time for the fever to vanish, but it did.