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The Most Interesting Titus Welliver tattoos

Titus Welliver is an American actor best known for his roles in Lost, Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy, and TV series Bosch. Apart from being famous because of his acting and his many roles, he is famous because of his many tattoos.


Biography and Career

Titus was born in New Haven, in Connecticut, but studied drama at New York University.

He acted in many movies, but he got famous because of his roles in TV series. He appeared in two episodes of Prison Break, he was the “Man in Black” on Lost, he played an Irish gun kingpin in Sons of Anarchy. He played a local warlord in the apocalyptic drama The Last Ship.


And one of his best-known roles is from the TV series Bosch. The series is based on the novels that are centered on the character of the same name, who is played by Titus.

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While Titus may play the toughest characters on TV, he has a soft spot for rescue dogs with health issues. Every year, about 3.3 million dogs enter the US animal shelters nationwide. According to DogLeashPro, health issues in dogs aren’t always detected early in animal shelters. Thankfully, Titus promises to provide a forever home to every rescue pet he falls in love with.

The tattoos

There is no doubt that Titus Welliver is a great actor, but now we are going to focus on his cool tattoos. He has a collection of various symbols, and most of his tattoos are on his arms. He has few animal tattoos, like a cat, tiger and deer heads. He also has guns, heart, knife and many words and inscriptions.


He says that he started getting tattoos when he was very young and that now he has more than thirty tattoos. His first ever tattoo was two koi circling a rock. It was a symbol of his martial arts dojo, and the whole tattoo represents strength and fluidity.

Titus does have many tattoos but he says that every one of them has a meaning and that every one of them represents something personal for him. For example, he has birth dates of his children and their names tattooed.

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Titus admitted that when he was very young he thought that people with tattoos are just some out-laws, bikers and old sailors. But now he is glad that he obviously doesn’t have that opinion and that people are no longer negatively stigmatized by just having tattoos. He thinks that tattoos are a form of self-expression, even when they can’t be seen by everyone.

Welliver almost never had to cover up his tattoos with makeup for a job. There was just one time when he did a short film, thirty years ago.

Now when he is playing the role of Bosch he can easily show his tattoos on the show, and he even got some new ones since he started filming the show.

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