Lisa Kudrow Couldn’t be with the Love of her Life

Lisa Kudrow lived a forbidden love. The actress met Michael Stern when she was a teenager. But she knew they couldn’t be together.

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“He was the perfect man but couldn’t do anything.” From the moment she met Michael, she knew he was the one. But Michael was dating a friend of hers. They lived together, and Lisa knew everything about him. Still, the feeling grew stronger. Hiding her feelings turned into a nightmare. “I saw him and went,” Well, he’s the perfect man, and it’s all ruined because now they’re together, and I can’t.”

Lisa started acting weird when Michael was around. “I was so afraid anyone would see that I liked him.” Lisa couldn’t stay in the same room with him. She decided she would only make a move when the moment was right. And she distanced herself from Michael to avoid suffering.

Michael’s relationship ended a few months later. But it took Lisa 6 years to have a chance whit him. After a long time with no contact… they met again at a birthday party. Lisa was out with her friends having fun. And she stumbled upon the love of her life. The actress realized she still had feelings for him.

She knew she had to step up, or she would lose him again. They have been together since that night. Michael started to see Lisa under a new light. They began a breathing relationship. They got engaged and married in 1995. ”After you have a history, love takes another shape.” Lisa is sure waiting for the right time was worth it. Time turned Michael into the perfect husband. They are very private about their relationship. But they couldn’t be happier with their choice. And they have uncovered the secret to maintaining their relationship. “ We’re not promising to love each other forever because you can’t do that, but we are promising to work on whatever problems come up. “