The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 12 – What After a Hurricane Dorian?

Fans of this popular series are most fond of watching the excavations and explorations of the Lagina brothers and their team of explorers, but this episode has the key question, which is what after Hurricane Dorian, and whether a man has a chance in the battle with nature.

In the last episode, 11 episodes of season 7, the team had to quickly explore the swamp before a devastating hurricane, and they were in a race against time all along. Hurricane Dorian has spoiled all their plans for further excavations, and is a really good episode title ‘The Eye of the Storm’.

Just when they made a significant revelation in the last episode, team members realized that there was no relaxation and that their happiness would last for a short time. Hurricane Dorian was approaching at high speed, and no one could say for sure what and how much damage it would do to the excavation. The days of hard work could have been ruined in a split second.

All along, Marty was pessimistic, and he believed that the island was indeed cursed and that every great effort must be punished, and the treasure simply not destined to be found. Rick, by contrast, is optimistic and knows that all the damage will be repaired.

Hurricane Dorian did some damage to the excavation and destroyed some of the painstaking work, and viewers could see the disappointment in the eyes of the whole team as it was not easy to deal with the adversity of nature. “I’m never going to give it up,” Rick said and showed fans what he thought of the whole treasure dig project.

There is certainly a good reason why he is so convinced that a storm, even a hurricane such as Dorian, cannot ruin their plans. He knows for sure that they are very close to a great revelation and that it is only a matter of days before that will happen. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the next 12 episodes, which is entitled ‘Fortified’, in which they will continue their difficult expedition, and will likely have to drain the swamp again.

The 12-episode synopsis states that the team proved that the swamp was made by a man many centuries before, and is in a good mood on the team after the course of the discovery.

What we know for sure is when this episode was filmed because we know that Hurricane Dorian was part of a tropical wave on August 24, 2019, across the Central Atlantic. Hurricane Dorian was the most devastating cyclone to hit the Bahamas and is the worst natural disaster to hit this island.

The synopsis of the episode states that new evidence shows that a long time ago the French dug something on Oak Island and that it was probably them who made the swamp.

The new episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 12 titled ‘Fortified’ will be shown on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, on History. Do not miss it!