The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 11 Review: The team is facing Hurricane Dorian

The eleventh episode of the popular series is everything but not boring, as the team faces a major natural disaster, and they have to explore and dig the terrain as quickly as possible as the clock ticks and the hurricane approaches. Hurricane Dorian is getting closer to Oak Island and will disrupt team plans and excavation progress.

The eleventh episode of Season seven is called ‘The Eye Of The Storm’, and team members will learn how powerless a man is in the face of a natural disaster like a hurricane. It will spoil their excavation plans and slow down the entire research process.

Part of the episode shows significant advances in excavation and recent discoveries lead them to the money pit, which was the goal in this part of exploring the island. Lagina’s brothers and their team are happy, although they are aware that the hurricane is approaching, and that they cannot know what the terrain will look like after this natural disaster is over.

How Hurricane Dorian will affect further exploration and excavation are questions that plague the entire team but try not to think about it but to enjoy the discovery so far. Rick Lagina is optimistic that he thinks he will continue digging when the hurricane is gone, while Marty is pessimistic this time around, and he thinks the island is haunted and is simply not destined for treasure to be found. Some of the scenes in the episode are amazing, as we watch the team dig at increasing speed as the clouds hang over their heads.

As expected, after Hurricane Dorian, damage to the field remained and the swamp was flooded with water. For the team and the research, this means a lot of damage because they spent a lot of time trying to drain the swamp. At the end of the episode, there is despair, powerlessness, and disappointment as a lot of effort and work has been thrown away. Rick Lagina is the most optimistic member of the team and giving up is not an option.

‘I’m never going to give it up,’ he says emphatically.

Rick Lagina feels that he is one step away from the revelation that he has dedicated his entire life to, and he has no time for the bad feelings. Although they have suffered damage and hard work has been destroyed, the team still does not give up on their mission and continue their courageous expedition of excavating and draining the swamp.

This episode was exciting, filled with emotion, and tension because you don’t know what the hurricane brings, and what comes after it.

Hurricane Dorian is one of the biggest natural disasters that happened last year, leaving behind, devastation, damage to death.

When we look at the episode we will see where the team found the strength to explore further and how they survived this natural disaster.

You can watch ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ on the History Channel, Tuesdays at 9 pm.