The Best Fashion Backpack Brand Out There – American Shield

Who doesn’t need a good backpack? These products make our life much easier – whether we go for a nature trip, to college or simply take a walk in the downtown, these come in handy to carry anything that we might need. The more functional and durable – the better. And if it looks good as well, then it is an absolute winner.

With brands being everywhere around, it might not be a simple job to know the best backpack one – but all it takes is a bit of research and figuring out your need. We searched the market and found that the same shield fashion backpack brand offers more than a few good ones. American Shield brand is a one that is emerging on the market and made to fit an on-go lifestyle. These backpacks look elegant, while on the other hand being pretty convenient.

Let’s take a look at some of the best backpacks that American Shield has to offer!

The Best Backpacks For Women

  1. Granite 26 Backpack – Black. First and foremost we would have to put this luxurious brand backpack from the Granite 26 collection. It has an elegant and timeless design, made out of high-quality Oxford fabric and featuring a handy laptop as well as an iPad compartment. Along with that, it comes with two more inner pockets, one front and two on the side. The straps are adjustable, and the black color simply goes well with almost any clothing combination. Coming at a price of $369 this one is for women that respect a good backpack and want a nice everyday accessory!


  1. Granite 25 Backpack – Green. A beautiful green American Shield Granite 25 backpack is the second on our best backpack list. It is made out of regular canvas and features 8 inner pockets, as well as one back and one front one. It goes with two side pockets that we find handy if you want to put a water bottle or a snack in and has the adjustable straps as well. It will go well with any military or casual elegance style, and in our opinion, this one is among the best when it comes to nature weekend trips. The price of it is somewhat lower than the first one coming at $299!


  1. Basalt 26 Backpack – Stoneblue. This one has a simpler yet elegant design that is perfect for you on the go women. It has a back pocket, laptop, and iPad compartments, and 4 more inner ones. Once again made out of quality Oxford fabric it is pretty durable, and an excellent choice for your work needs. It comes at a price of $329.

The Best Backpacks For Men

  1. Granite 25 Backpack – Black & Brown. This American Shield backpack has to be our favorite – the black & brown combination is just right, and it has 13 pockets in total which is more than enough (8 inner ones). You can use it for any possible event, as it has big capacities, and even includes a separate laptop compartment. We love it because it is durable and the price is not that high compared to some other ones – $299!


  1. Peridot Lightweight Backpack – Green. The luxurious brand backpack doesn’t have to be that pricey – this Peridot one is pretty functional and comes at a price of $169! Coming with the capacity of 22 L it has 3 smaller inner pockets and metal If you are looking for a durable yet elegant backpack this is a good choice as it is made out of strong nylon and is sure to last you quite a time!
  1. Basalt 26 Backpack – Black. The similar one to what we mentioned in the best backpack list for women, this one is a good choice for your daily work routine. The black color is elegant and dominant, and the backpack itself has 4 inner pockets, one back, and one front, as well as a separate laptop compartment. The Oxford fabric is made of is a guarantee that this $329 backpack is durable and a high-quality one!


Backpacks are a part of our daily routine, as they make things a lot easier. Saying that, it is wise to invest in one that looks good and will last long – and when it comes to that it seems like the American Shield backpack brand has got you covered!

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