Learning How to Duck Dive and Turtle Roll: Surfing 101

Are you having trouble mastering the techniques of duck dive and turtle roll while surfing? Did you know that without learning how to duck dive and turtle roll you won’t be able to properly ride the waves? Without 100% learning these 2 moves you will never be able to surf; you would get washed back to shore every time.

That is why we are going to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to understand how to duck dive and turtle roll so you can surf anywhere in the world.

How to Turtle Roll

• Take all the time you need

Like any exercise or activity, warming up before you start surfing is always recommended. When you arrive at the beach, warm up and watch the waves. Find the channels that may exist for you to paddle out.

When entering the water, always walk with your board tucked safely under your arm. Avoid lying on the board to paddle in shallow waters because you are risking breaking the fins of the board. Additionally, you don’t want to interfere with any other surfers who are already doing their things.

• Spot the waves and get ready to turtle roll

As you paddle out, you should constantly be looking out for waves. As soon as you spot one, wait for the wave to come 2 meters (6 feet) away and get ready to turtle roll. If the approaching wave is white water, then you will have to turtle wave, and if the wave is just rolling through, then you can continue to paddle.

To perform a successful turtle wave, grab the rails of your board in front of your chest with both hands tightly. After that, roll over with the board with the backside of the board facing the surface.

While underwater, extend your arms to give the wave room to travel between the board and your body.

Once the wave passed, pull the board close to your chest, roll back and get ready to do that again.

How to Duck Dive:

• Walk your board out

Duck diving is done with a shortboard and requires strength to completely submerge yourself with the board. Walk out with the board to your chest before getting into deep water.

To perform a proper duck dive, you must face the board and paddle towards the wave. As soon as the wave gets 2 meters ahead, grab the rails of your board and push the board under water. Extend your arms with your elbows in a locked position and your board fully submerged.

• Submerge your board and yourself

Next up is to execute the duck dive by placing your foot at the tail end of your board and submerge the tail of your board. Raise the tailbone to the sky and shape your body in a triangle position to completely submerge the board.

Submerge yourself by taking a deep breath and pull yourself toward the submerged board to allow the coming waves to roll over you. If your duck dive is timed perfectly, you will not feel the force of the wave as it passes you over and if you are not submerged completely, you will be pushed around by the wave while underwater

• Resurface and try again

After completing the duck dive surfing technique, resurface and try again until you completely master it. Center yourself on your board, wipe the water out of your eyes and paddle on.