You Can Use this Software and Services for free if you are Working from Home During a Coronavirus Pandemic

Aware of the current situation, many software companies have offered free licenses for their software, as well as new opportunities to use them.

Numerous companies around the world, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, are making teleworking a must. While this is certainly useful from a health point of view, it brings new challenges from a business perspective, as employees need to adjust to meetings via Skype or use other computer tools to work and collaborate remotely.

Aware of this situation, many software companies have come to the rescue by offering free licenses for their software, as well as new opportunities to use them, to make it easier to work in these downtrodden conditions. The Bleeping Computers site has compiled a list of software that will be made available to users free of charge in the future, to make it easier for employees to work from home.

– Adobe has made it possible for students, students, and educational institutions to use Adobe Creative Cloud on-demand, which will be available by May 31. The company, schools, businesses, and government agencies also offered free access to its online conferencing solution – Adobe Connect, until July 1.

– Cisco has upgraded its Webex meeting software, which now supports unlimited use of up to 100 people per session, for virtual meetings. Non-Webex users are allowed to use it for 90 days free of charge.

– Cloudflare has enabled small businesses worldwide to utilize their Cloudflare for Teams system for free for six months.

– Discord has upgraded its free Go Live streaming service so that it can now support 50 users at a time instead of previous ones.

– Google gives its users G Suite and G Suite for Education free access to video conferencing services. This type of work creates the ability to hold virtual meetings for 250 attendees per call, real-time streaming for 100,000 viewers, as well as record meetings and store them and view them later.

– LogMeIn offers free telework through free GoToMeeting quarterly licenses.

– Microsoft has canceled a subscription for use within the next six months for its Microsoft Teams service.

– TechSmith provides unrestricted grants to use their software to access a remote computer screen – TechSmith Snagit and a synchronized multi-computer platform – TechSmith Video Review, until June 30.

– Zoho is offering free access to the private software suite of the same name until July 1, 2020.