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Working Online From Home

Whether you are a student looking for extra cash, a stay-at-home parent, or currently out of work, there are a lot of different online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. These jobs are pretty easy and do not require almost any particular skills, other than being comfortable around a computer.

They offer an extra income which can be enough to pay the bills or serve as extra pocket money to get you by. The pay is different depending on what you do, but if you manage to find something fun and devote time and passion into it, you can earn as much as you with a full-time job.

Here are some of the options for you to check on how to make money online that we found the most interesting and time worthy. We are sure you will find at least one of these interesting enough to try!

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  1. Micro tasks / Micro jobs

These are very easy and fast tasks, which cannot really be automated, so they need a human being to do them. They range from add clicking and viewing, app testing, completing quick surveys, finding information, tagging elements in photos, etc. They offer small amounts of money, but they are very quick and easy to do. So just do enough of them, and you are good! Great for when you are bored, on public transport or when waiting for something in a line.

  1. Data Entry

If you do not mind writing random data and are able to follow the rules and instructions, this part-time job is the one for you. Data entry is one of the most famous jobs of this kind. It is worth mentioning that it could get boring, as it is quite repetitive. Again, you need to continue doing it for a bit to make some good money. Nevertheless, it is fast and easy to do, as long as you do not mind writing random data into tables. The only things you need for this job are a computer and a program for writing.

  1. Online Tutoring

There is a number of companies who offer this service, and some are immensely famous around the world. People from all walks of life offer their expertise in a particular skill to others, most often through Skype. English teaching is the most common form of online tutoring. Interestingly, a lot of companies and students are from Asia, but the tutors can be from anywhere. These companies tend to have their own programs that are used during lessons, which last around 30 minutes on average. Native speakers are paid more for languages, while having a degree in a field will get you more money. You, of course, need to pass an interview, have a strong internet connection, a web camera, and a headset.

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  1. Content Writing / Blogging

If you love to write and have many interests related to different aspects of life, look no further. Tons of pages, sites, and blogs look for talented and artistic writers to create content for their readers. Literally, everything is an option, sports, fashion, cars, makeup, entertainment, cooking, gardening… Whatever your passion is, you can easily find a page looking for writers. The pay is often better than micro jobs and data entry, and it is not repetitive at all. You will probably get specific instructions depending on where you end up working on how they expect you to write. You will receive topics, and your writing can begin!

  1. Transcription

If you are a great listener and like video and audio material, this job is a perfect way to earn a little extra. Here, you need to write what you hear. Think of it as making subtitles for movies, as it is quite similar. You need to be good behind a keyboard and type fast and accurate. Most of the companies have their own software, and after passing the interview and tests, you are golden! Only a computer with a fast internet connection is needed. The pay varies from place to place, but is higher than numbers 1 and 2 on our list.

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