Is it Possible that Sofia Vergara hasn’t aged in 30 Years?

Sofia Vergara is certainly among the most beautiful women in Hollywood. This Modern Family star does not look her age at 47 years old. Also, a recent throwback picture she shared on her Instagram account only proves the point. It should be illegal for a woman not to age for over three decades!

Sofia is one of those women who manage to look effortlessly timeless. She has been staying busy during this coronavirus isolation by spending time with family, including her husband Joe Manganiello and son from a previous marriage, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, and also other family members. It looks like Sofia felt a bit nostalgic for the ’90s since she posted a throwback photo of herself and her son, and it had “mall glamour photoshoot” vibes.

It’s truly shocking how little this actress has aged. In fact, she looks better now than she did about 30 years ago. Who knows how this stunner managed to do this, but one thing’s clear: Sofia’s always known how to wear a hot shade of red lipstick.