Sic Bo Odds & Strategies for Online Games to Win

Sic Bo is one of the oldest, most sought-after casino games but has not been getting enough traction like it used to. Its straightforward rules, dice rolls, exciting premise, and several betting opportunities stand out. Sic bo is also purely a game of luck, which adds to its allure for players. However, several tactics might possibly increase your chances of winning.

Read on to discover our working tactics that can help you win real money frequently at Sic Bo. We will go through the potential justifications for using a strategy when playing sic bo at and how it may benefit you to help you improve your sic bo abilities.

Additionally, we will suggest the best sic-bo strategy for a novice, intermediate, and experienced player. No Sic Bo winning technique will guarantee fantastic results every time, so keep in mind that any approach carries a certain risk that you must be well aware of when wagering.

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Basics of Sic Bo

It’s not surprising if you don’t know Sic Bo because it’s not the most popular table game out there. This casino game is made rather simply, regardless of whether we’re talking about live dealer Sic Bo or a table game variant that uses an algorithm. The fundamental goal of this game, like all luck-based forms of gambling, is to predict the results of a session, which in this instance comprises rolling three dice and a table with a variety of bets. The rules are pretty easy to understand, and everything can be explained to you even if you are playing for the first time.

The basic concept is to wager on the sic bo board. The dealer will then take a little chest containing three dice and shake them, and the combination will be revealed when he opens the chest. You win if the combination is the same as your wager(s). If not, you lose. The main distinction when doing something online is that software manages everything. That’s all there is to it, though. The various bets you may place are the only thing you need to get familiar with.

Available Betting Options

Since there are additional game options when three dice are used instead of just two, we’ve included betting descriptions below to aid you as much as possible. We’ve got you covered with all the information you need to know while you’re at the Sic Bo table, from the most straightforward betting possibilities to the most complex ones. Make sure to go through these clarifications if you’re starting started with the casino game because they’ll be quite helpful:

With single-number bets, you get to decide how often any given number between 1 and 6 will appear in the combination. Payments might be 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3. Combination Bets allow you to specify which two numbers will make up the winning combination. There are 17 choices with a 1:6 payout. With a big bet, you’re wagering on a total combination of 11 to 17 wins, while a Small Bet lets you wager on a total combination of 11 to 17 wins. Other wagering options include:

  • Total Bets
  • Specific Double
  • Specific Triple
  • Any Triple

Strategies to Use While Playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game of chance and a dice roll, as we’ve already established. Therefore, to put it simply, you must rely primarily on a chance to win this game. Still, many gamers constantly seek more sensible strategies to raise their winning odds. Theoretically, implementing a plan might improve your chances. In the end, tinkering with a system is always entertaining and fascinating. However, it must be made clear that neither the outcome nor the house edge can ever be totally eradicated.

The first strategy we’ll talk about is more suitable for beginners, and the strategy is most suited to de-risk and protects you from significant losses. As a beginner, you should only go for small and big bets as they offer even chances of wins and losses. They do not require special skills but rather wager on bets with a high probability of winning.

The combination bet is also a good try for beginners, and it comes with high probabilities and a low house edge. This conservative strategy works well when the 1-3-2-4 strategy. The 1-3-2-4 strategy is the ratio of wagering to follow– for example, if you bet $1 and win, your next bet should be $3, and the next should be $2 if you continue to win. However, if you lose at any point of the progression, you start from the beginning.

Advanced players can become more fluid with their bets and adventurous with their chosen strategy after they have had enough practice. The best sic bo strategy for you may involve betting on at least four specific numbers if you’re searching for greater payouts. Technically, even if you lose every one of your four wagers, your loss will be made up by the amounts you win later. However, we should highlight one specific trend. The house edge on each wager increases in proportion to payout.

Expert Strategy

Players with greater skill levels may afford to use riskier tactics. Generally speaking, you might attempt to play with several bets if you have enough money. Although some of them will have relatively low odds, the overall payoff would be substantial enough to make up for any losses and generate a profit. However, you must choose intelligently.

You can determine if your selected combination would be lucrative for you by considering the winning odds for each wager. Since you must choose the alternatives with a realistic probability, you must thus think carefully about which numbers you wish to wager on.

Casino Bonuses

Expert casino players have enough experience and can hold together. They understand that casino games are a game of luck, and if they are having a bad day, they know to call it quits and go again another day. It’s a necessary skill for every beginner to pick and not try and force a win out of every situation. An additional strategy that cuts across all players is to find the best payout online casino sites to play, so you guarantee yourself more odds and a better chance at winning. Some casino bonus to look out for include:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • No deposit offers
  • Reload bonuses, etc.


The basic strategy to winning more Sic Bo casino games is to reduce your chances of losing drastically. Since it’s a pure game of luck, you give yourself more chances to win to try again when you lose. Playing without a strategy can cause you to lose more than you want to. Remember, the casino always has the edge when you gamble, so you’ll be betting on a spliff of luck at every round you go. To understand the game and know when you beat.