5 Methods That Work for Promo on Instagram and 5 That Don’t: A Guide for Those Who Run Their Business Page in 2024


In today’s reality Instagram is probably one of the best platforms to come and use as the channel of communication with the audience and potential clients, if you’re online to advertise and sell. With more than 1 billion active users who log in every day and use IG as the platform for searching news, reading posts of their friends and at the same time track the activity of the brands and content creators they love, Insta can offer what no other platform can offer. Here you can come and develop in several weeks (if you use professional services of promoters) and start monetizing your posts from the very beginning.

This is why in this article we have made a decision to gather 5 methods that work for promo on Instagram and 5 that don’t: we will be talking about why you shouldn’t rely on free promotional services in 2024, about why a possibility to gain viewers for money should be always kept in consideration and why you should never stop interacting and collaborating with bloggers and other profiles from your niche.

Let’s begin with the basics: free methods that don’t work in 2024

Generally, if we’re speaking about the promotion of a social media page on Insta, almost no free methods can be called decent and working. Follow for follow and like for like should stay in the past where they belong, such as activity chats and commenting under the posts of bigger bloggers. Well, yes, the latter ones can be somewhat efficient in certain cases, but if we’re talking about serious promotion of a business page, these options cannot be relied on anyways. Just imagine how much time you’d have to spend online to be able to gain your first thousand subs. Is it worth it? It sure doesn’t.

Free methods that work

Hashtagging and choosing the right location for your posts. Yes, these old classics are still in the game: if you work hard on choosing the right hashtags and placing them systematically under each post, you’re going to win a lot and be able to highly increase your visibility on this platform. However, you should forget about the recommendation that “profies” gave earlier: you don’t need 30 tags for your posts, 5-10 specific ones are quite enough. Collect them using the mindset of your potential followers and clients: what words would they use to describe something you’re putting forward?

If your business is bound to a certain location, you still should try to be creative with it. Don’t just post your address in the geotag, think of a place that can be used by people to monitor certain events in your city. If your office/location/store is nearby, use it to attract attention from people who’re using this location to look stuff up. You’re going to pretty quickly see the influx in your views, likes and maybe even subscriptions. You can take a look at IGInstant for more information.

Paid methods that don’t work

This paragraph will include our honest opinion on a certain phenomenon – on working with a SMM-pro who can take a grip of your whole account and provide you with everything that is needed for quick growth and development.

You see, today SMM-specialists are not holding lots of highly specific information that cannot be found online – generally speaking, what some of them have is experience, which yes, cannot be found anywhere except in practice. If you understand that your page has to be taken care of by a person who can make it worldwide popular in several months or weeks, then yes, the game is definitely worth the candle.

But if you’re a beginner who doesn’t yet know what they want in general, who is only trying things out for the first time and is trying to understand what the vector of their development should be, there is no need for you to splurge on a full-blown SMM-pro. Try to understand which part of account management is hard for you: if it lies in texts, you should think about hiring a copywriter, if it lies in designing nice visuals, work with a graphic designer. These people, normally, already have enough experience in working with a social media page and can give you some advice on it in general if needed.

Paid methods that work

To save money, build up a base and improve your statistics you can use one option that’s available online today: you can purchase subs for Instagram on Viplikes and cover the gap that you have in the number of IG subs. But if you’d make a decision to actually do it, you should keep in mind that you need only real subscribers, authentic ones, the ones that are people who use this platform daily and who are able to show a positive impact on your profile’s status.

Sadly enough, many websites who offer such services today are scam: they take the personal data of their clients, they claim to sell something almost for free, but in result they find ways to steal money from their purchasers for almost nothing. The results that you can get from buying fakes won’t astonish you, on the contrary, these are going to upset you a lot. You see, IG algorithms are getting smarter every day and if you’re taking on fake subs, the machine is going to see that your profile has almost zero interactions with real people and can put you into the shadow ban. Your posts won’t get recommended to real people and you will lose an opportunity to develop organically, just because your content is good.

In addition

In addition to the upper mentioned methods you can also use paid PR from bloggers and targeted ads from IG itself. Though we have to note that both of those work better after you have built up a certain base out of bought followers and have tried to find ways for free mutual PR. These two tools are bringing highly interested people to your page who will ask more from you rather than people whom you can get by using free tools. It might be confusing first, but you’ll get the full realization of why it goes like this when you start using those methods.

So make sure to utilize everything you can, combine free and paid methods with your own creativity and good will for positive changed and you’ll see how your profile is going to step up on a whole new level of popularity in no time.

Ricardo is a freelance writer specialized in politics. He is with from the beginning and helps it grow. Email: richardorland4[at]