Dwayne Johnson Announced Shutdown of ‘Red Notice’ Due to Coronavirus Concerns

The filming of the upcoming Netflix movie ‘Red Notice’ has been postponed because of the next two weeks because of Coronavirus.

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds started working on this movie in January, and it should premiere next year.

But due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus, the cast and the crew of Red Notice decided to shut down the filming for at least two weeks, to protect their health. They are not the only ones doing that, many other movies and TV shows, and other projects are shutting down their production for at least two weeks, because of the global situation.

Dwayne shared the whole story through a video on his official Instagram page. Besides being an actor in this movie, he is also a producer, because his Seven Bucks Productions company is working on it, so he has even more responsibilities than other actors. That’s also the reason why Dwayne himself announced the shutdown.

He stated that the most important thing right now is for everyone to stay safe and healthy and to get home to their concerned families. He also added that they would monitor the whole situation so that they can make the best decisions in the future.

There has been some news that Netflix is still going to continue to pay the cast and crew while the filming is on pause. The pause will be two weeks long, but depending on the situation, it may be even longer. Due to that, it’s still unclear will this pause affects the release date.

Red Notice isn’t the only Netflix project that has been put on hold; the Stranger Things 4 is also on a pause.

Red Notice is scheduled to be aired on Netflix in 2021, but because of the current situation, the exact date is unknown.

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