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Satellite TV – What’s the Future of it?

You may have noticed that a lot of people have started quitting both their cable and satellite TV subscription and turning to other streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and others. This is because people feel that this type of streaming service is cheaper while offering more content, although this may not be true as satellite TV still offers the biggest number of channels. Even though many satellite TV companies are constantly losing subscriptions throughout the years, the industry is still well ahead and records the rise in revenue.

This means that the service is alive and well and will keep on growing in the next couple of decades at least. You are probably wondering how the industry is still the number one when it comes to TV, so here are a couple of reasons why it’s still growing.

Sport live matches

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For years sports have proved that it is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, racking up millions and billions of viewers at bigger events. The last Olympics had well over 3.5 billion viewers and other sports events manage to do similarly too. It is one of the biggest revenue streams to the cable and satellite industries. Netflix, Hulu, DISH Network and other similar streaming services were questioned multiple times whether they would start streaming live sports, however, they do not believe that is the future of such services. This tells us that this money-making machine (sports) will not be available on your favorite streaming service anytime soon, but it will be on your satellite TV.

Everyone that loves sports makes sure that they a satellite TV in their home so they can easily watch any sport-related match.

Other live events

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Satellite TV companies have the right to boast about their availability when it comes to live events and sports because they simply have the biggest offer of channels. If you are on cable TV, you could be unlucky because your cable company does not have the right to that certain live event you want to watch. This does not happen with satellite TV because you can have access to every single live event you want just by the click of a button.

Events such as the Olympics, World Cup, Oscars, Golden Globe Awards and a lot more. These events have hosted more than hundreds of millions of viewers and most of them use satellite TV at home. This means that the bigger part of the revenue goes entirely to the satellite industry.

Trying to find streaming links online can be pretty dangerous as you can attach different types of malware or viruses by visiting sketchy sites.

Most content available

While online streaming services can offer great movies and TV shows at quality as high as 4k, they certainly do not offer enough content. You will quickly get bored with it because it takes some time for such services to be updated with new movies. Satellite TV services can offer you hundreds of different channels where you can find both old and new content. Which means you are not limited to watching the same old movies and TV shows.

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