Platform Shoes vs. Elevator Shoes

Many confuse platform shoes for elevator shoes and do not seem to know the difference. However, there are two types of height increasing shoes for men, and these are platform shoes and height increasing shoes. Although the two terms can be interchanged, there are some differences between them; it is essential that you know these differences and why they matter.

Platform Shoes

These are shoes that are entirely flat and also raised at the same time. They are often regarded as bulky; some even refer to it as the “clown’s shoes.” It is interesting to note that during the 1960s through to the 1970s, platform shoes were acceptable as a man’s fashion footwear. But this stopped when the hippie culture fell to the side; men no longer wear these types of shoes although some women still wear them till date.

Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are a fancier and less bulky way of adopting height increasing shoes without having to look like a “clown.” These shoes are, in fact, height increasing shoes but are more comfortable than the female high heeled shoes.

Elevator shoes are designed to increase men’s height discretely; this is done by embedding the hardware right into the insole and the heel rather than having to build them underneath the outsole of the shoes. The result of this is heightening shoes that not only look like regular shoes but also feels like one too, hence giving you the boost you wish while also being comfortable at it.

No doubt wearing an elevator, shoes will look awkward at first, but once you are used to it, it becomes natural. Since most of the height booster is concentrated in the heels, it, therefore, means that your legs are positioned in a different way when you walk with them as compared to when you walk with regular shoes or even walk barefoot.

What happens is that the balls of your feet sit lower than your heels when you are wearing elevator shoes, thereby creating a separate foot motion and walking steps. Ideally, for first-time elevator shoe users, we suggest you stick to 2-inch elevator shoes, at least until you are comfortable enough to go for shoes of higher inches.

2-Inch Elevator Shoes

These are elevator shoes whose height is just 2-inches and no more. They are ideal for those starting as they are more comfortable and low enough to feel like a regular shoe. You can customize them to suit your taste. If you are still not comfortable enough with it or feel it’s too high, you can have it modified to 1-inch elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes cannot exist if no companies and brands are producing them. These brands to have their classes and as someone starting with elevator shoes for the first time, its best to go for a trusted brand of which is not only trusted; it’s one of the best in the business. So, if you have to settle for elevator shoes, settle for the best, settle for GuidoMaggi, nothing else will do, your feet deserve the best.

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