President Donald Trump decides on who is his nominee for US Supreme Court!


The president of the United States Donald Trump has decided that Brett Kavanaugh is his nominee for the United States Supreme court. To some, this is going to be a controversial call by the president. For the others, this was a perfect choice.

Kavanaugh’s record is going to be under the watch for clues on how is he going to choose to give his vote in a future review of Roe vs. Wade, the decision in 1973 that allowed women to make their choice on whether or not she is going to abort.

Just last year he decided against a girl that didn’t even turn 18 who wanted to terminate her pregnancy. On top of that, she was an immigrant that was in federal custody. Luckily, he was overruled by his colleagues.

Kavanaugh is also the guy that might have the deciding vote when it comes to whether or not the criminal prosecution goes forward in a case about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. Special counsel is investigating that, so we are going to see what happens in the future.

The announcement was made in the presence of Trump’s wife and many senators. The media was speculating about who is going to be POTUS’ choice, but he ended all that with a simple announcement that Brett Kavanaugh is his guy.

Trump had only good things to say about Brett. He thinks that he is the right man for the job, that there is nobody that is more deserving of the position than Kavanaugh. “A judge’s judge” – that’s how the president feels about Brett.

He also added that his nominee is respected by his peers. According to Trump, Brett is more qualified than anybody that he knows for the position.

While there are many people that like this pick, the Democrats and the progressive groups are not going to be satisfied with this. They have already held protests about this decision and fear that Kavanaugh is going to make some controversial calls when it comes to the abortion.


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