A sad story about Barbara Graham and her young son

Barbara Graham was a woman that was convicted of the murder of an elderly lady and was sentenced to death. After being on a death row for quite a while, she was executed by the State of California on June 3rd, 1955, in the gas chamber that was located at St Quentin.

The person that she killed was Mabel Mohanan. She was hanging out with the bad people and Barbara helped them come in and get the job done. That was basically her life, having a lot of sins, small and big ones. But, she was an intelligent woman who was very good when it comes to writing, speaking her mind and acting all smart and cool.

Back when she was in prison, Barbara said that she was there because she had committed a lot smaller sins, but never a big one.

One of the most interesting things about her is the picture of her and her son who was two years of age when she was executed. Before they had taken him away and forced her to go to the chamber, she stated that there is no way that she is guilty. Barbara even swore.

That was probably the saddest part about this story. A two-year-old boy lost his mother, he never actually had a memory of her. To some, that is a good thing, since she is not going to be missed. But, every child does need a mother. The father of the young boy had to explain to his son that his mother had moved away to another state. That was the best way to tell him that she is not there anymore.

He wouldn’t have understood him any other way. That is the saddest part about this.


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