5 Players With the Most Hat Tricks in History

It’s nothing unusual that football is currently the most talked about topic today because the World Cup is a global event, and the entire world watches these games. It is also a time when we talk about previous significant WC moments and performances that left us speechless. On the other hand, who is the GOAT, what does the statistic say, and some important numbers, like who scored more goals, are something we all discuss. Some of us use that knowledge and make smart bets online on some renowned sites like 22bet, while others are more focused on discussing who scored more hat tricks. That is also a reason why we will try to help you with that and give an insight into the top five players with the most hat tricks in history.


The first player on this list does not play football for a long time now, but he is still recognized as one of the best players in the world, and since his record when it comes to hat-tricks scored is still not broken, it only proves how great player he was. The older generations have the opportunity to enjoy his magic, and for the younger ones – we are talking about a Brazilian striker who ended his career back in 1977. The number of the hat-tricks he scored is 92, and he still holds the record in the Guinness Book of records, which is a great honor for one football player. There will always be a dispute over whether it was easier to score back then or now, which shouldn’t be part of any argument, especially about Pele. This record of Pele is something we can only admire as an individual achievement of one of the greatest players, and we can just hope that in the future, some player will get near to that number of hat tricks.

Cristiano Ronaldo

We are all witnesses of the battle of two great players, Messi and Ronaldo, who constantly prove they are the best ones in the world, and according to their results, it is difficult to say who is better at the moment. The time will tell, but we can just be grateful as we are privileged to live in an era where two great players like Messi and Ronaldo were in their prime. There are some good arguments for both players, but if we check the statistics of hat-tricks scored in their career, we will see that Ronaldo is a little more successful at the moment, with 60 of them. It is enough for the high second place on this list, and since he is still active, he has the chance to make this number higher. The interesting fact about Ronaldo is that he scored 30 of them before he turned 30 and 30 of them after his 30th birthday. The record is yet another thing that represents great homework and a goal to achieve for all future players who want to be considered as the GOAT.


On the third place of this list, with only four hat-tricks less than Ronaldo, 56 of them, stands Messi, who also still has the chance to overtake Ronaldo, as he still plays football for a successful club. His rivalry with Cristiano is well known to every football fan in the world, and there is no doubt he will try his best to end his career as the best one in the world. He spent most of his career playing for Barcelona and moved to Paris Saint Germain, where he now struggles to score, but he is one of the greatest players in the world, and it is only a matter of time before he starts scoring again. Of course, this is not his main goal at the moment, as he is currently in Qatar, trying to win the only trophy left, the one you get as a World Cup winner. The best-case scenario for him would be to score a hat trick in the finals and get closer to this record of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Robert Lewandowski

When we speak about the best scorers of the modern era, we need to mention Robert Lewandovski, who plays for Barcelona and the national team of Poland. While he played for Bayern Munich, he was the first to score 43 goals in one calendar year, which was enough to break the record that was unbroken for 49 years when Gerd Muller managed to score 42 goals. Time will show whether signing for Barcelona was the right move, but one thing is certain, he still has enough time to break another record. As for hat tricks, he stands firmly in fourth place with 30 hat tricks on his tally. It is something that he can improve playing for Barcelona, but it will be extremely challenging to get to the third place, as 30 more hat tricks is a bit of a challenge for this 34-year-old striker.

Luis Suarez

Many controversies were linked to the name Luis Suarez, but no one can dispute his quality and the fact he scored 29 hat-tricks in his career, which is pretty amazing. He played for Liverpool, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid and was one of the best strikers in this modern football era. Today he is back in Uruguay, playing for National, and he still has a good chance of making this number even higher before he decides to end his professional career. The bad thing is that his second spell in National was pretty short, as he played only eight games and scored four times, and prior to the World Cup, the contract was terminated, and he is currently without a club. There is no need to worry, as it is not the time for retirement yet, as Suarez just wanted to focus on the WC, and since they finished the tournament in the group stage, singing a new contract is only a matter of time. If anything, many clubs would love to have him on their team, but we are hoping that he will get back to Europe for at least one more season, as he surely has more to offer.

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