Who Will Take the Goddess Home? – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2024

The world is eyeing towards the biggest football tournament – FIFA. The ultimate battle of the world’s best teams is set to begin on November 20th, 2024 in Qatar, and everyone, players and fans, are hyped about it. A total of 32 teams are set to compete in this face off and the winners would get to take home a cash prize of $42 million, along with $.5 million for preparations and the sizzling World Cup Trophy.

Well, if one is talking about FIFA, then how could they miss out one of the biggest points, that is whether their favorite team wins the world cup or not. And to make this question even fun and anticipatory, people have come up with innovative ideas, one of which is betting. Yes, you can now make predictions and bet on the team that you think is going to win, that too from the comfort of your homes. For more information about the various FIFA WC Betting Sites, you should click here.

With the games almost here, it’s not time to make the final predictions about who is going to win big this time. Would the former world champions be able to retain their title, or an underdog would steal the show. This all would be unveiled as the game season would progress. But for now, mentioned below is the final predictions about the world cup winners at FIFA 2024:

What Does Artificial Intelligence Think?

The AI has collected data from the previous matches and games and recorded the performance of the various teams that are competing this time around. AI data is based on trends and patterns and they have a clear cut winner, Brazil. According to them and based on the vast data, the five time global winner, Brazil, is set to win this year’s tournament, and has a winning streak of 25.3%. Brazil has been waiting to win this prestigious award for almost two decades now and with the addition of some amazingly talented players in the team, they are now more ready than ever. They are the only team who has played in every tournament ever since FIFA started and have won the same 5 times. It would be interesting to see if the prediction made by AI is actually true.

In 2nd place is Argentina, who have a total of almost 13% to win the tournament. Argentina has some of the world’s most talented players, including Messi. 3rd place is occupied by the current world champions at the FIFA Men’s, 2024 – France. Whether they would be able to prove artificial intelligence wrong or not, that is something only time can tell.

The other countries on the list are Spain, England and Germany. All the orders of the different teams are decided by various online tools and softwares available. These data are then compiled and assessed by an AI bot, which later gives out the result.

What Do Experts Believe?

Experts are actually divided on this, and it has become hard to make them sing a name in unison. Some are in favor of the data compiled and integrated by the AI, while others are a bit confused. Some believe that Argentina can win the tournament this time, with the players being in form and rigorously training for the upcoming event. And players like Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria might make this situation come true.

Others believe that either England or Poland can emerge as an underdog in this season, as these two have been playing well in the recent games as well. Llyod’s of London has announced England as the most valuable team in the Qatar’s 2024 World Cup tournament and hence, makes it the perfect team to win. For the ones who are uninitiated, Lloyd’s of Lonodn is the world’s leading marketplace for betting, and they have selected the correct team to win the tournament every four years correctly for some time now.

Poland, on the other hand, has three matches before the quarter finals and the finals. And one of these matches is against Argentina, which would make it a quite interesting match to watch.

Qatar And Controversies

The bidding process to be a host country for FIFA 2024 began all the way back in 2009, when many countries tried to get a chance to get the hosting rights. It was not until the next year, 2010, when Qatar was awarded with the hosting rights. Ever since that, every now and then, Qatar has been in the news and spotlight. First it was due to situation of the migrant workers, then the country’s discriminatory behavior against people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community. Homosexuality is a sin in the country, as this Arab country follows the Sharia Law, and anyone found openly gay or vocal, they would be imprisoned and/or fight.

Songstress and singer, Dua Lipa has recently called out the host country about their poor “human rights” situation and has denied from performing at the event.

The event is supposed to be lined with some great singers taking the stage and keeping everyone entertained. However, it would be fun to see who all stays for the main game, and who leaves.


FIFA is one of the world’s biggest football tournaments that is held every four years. The game was canceled only twice due to the second World War. This year’s game is scheduled to begin from November 20, 2024 and the finals would be played off on 18th December, 2024. There are many teams fighting for the ultimate 1st prize title and cash. You can try to guess the winner and make a note of it. Who knows, you might get super lucky. You also need to be extra cautious when trying to place a bet online and use only the verified accounts to engage in any of such activities.

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